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My Niece’s Nursery: The Reveal

My Niece’s Nursery: The Reveal

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Greetings from Central America! First, it was a lack of time that was keeping me from posting when we were back home and since we've been here it's been a lack of power! This week the winds are unexpectedly howling, which is causing all sorts of chaos, but looking at the weather back home you know I can't complain. Besides a lack of power forces us to do things like reading, napping, and playing with the boys... essentially act like we are on vacation! 

I figured since I've been seriously neglecting the blog, I had to come back with something good and really, is there anything better than a nursery reveal? This one is so incredibly special to me because it's the nursery that I designed for my niece Emerson Robin. We put the final touches on this sweet space only a few days before my sister went into labor and thank goodness because my niece was born three weeks early! I was in the delivery room when my niece was born and I cannot even begin to describe the emotion I felt knowing that she would be going home to start her life in this happy and beautiful space.

Without question, children's rooms are my favorite rooms to design because I know they will forever be etched in their memories. I strongly believe that your surroundings shape the person that you are and if this room is any indication, my little Emme is going to be one sweet and happy little girl. Really, what more can you want for a child?


When conceptualizing the design of this room I knew that I wanted to combine blush and navy. My sister had inherited many pieces from Gray's nursery, including the rocker and the crib, and that also included the custom crib skirt and changing pad that I had made using my favorite fabric from Serena and Lily. (Yes, this is the same fabric I currently have in my guest room as well)! I had a bit of a sentimental attachment to these pieces as they were the first custom pieces I ever splurged on, but I also knew that my sister wasn't going to want an over the top girly space. I'm a huge fan of blush and navy (which were essentially the colors we chose for my sister's wedding) so I knew if I went in that direction she would ultimately be very happy with the space. 


Like my own nursery, this room is a little tight on space, so I knew I would have to keep the accessories at a minimum so there would still be ample floor space to play. Once we found that the crib would fit on that back wall, I exhaled a deep sigh of relief. The layout was almost identical to my own nursery and considering we were using the same pieces I knew we could make this room work! We painted the walls Pink Cloud by Ben Moore which I chose as much for the color as I did for the name! It's the perfect mix of pink and blush and I swear this color only gets more and more beautiful by the day. 


After the walls were painted, the fun part began... picking the accessories! My sister is a simple girl, so I knew I didn't want to go to over the top. Initially, I had envisioned this room with some decals but instead I decided to bring in some pattern with the sheets and some handmade bunting. I still love the decal idea and I'm thinking that it would be fun to use them when Emme transitions into her "big girl room." At three months old she's still working on sleeping through the night, so I promise I won't be rushing that one! ;)


One night when I was perusing Pinterest, I stumbled upon these adorable sheets and I knew they were exactly what this room needed to tie all the colors together. They were so bright and fun and luckily my sister loved them as much as I did! I commissioned the bunting though an Etsy artist and she was able to match the colors in the sheets perfectly. This little touch really changed this room and I'm so grateful that she was so patient working with me. When the design was completed, I felt the room needed just one more pattern and I had been dying to use Hunt Slonem's bunny print in a room and I thought a little pillow in navy would be the perfect touch, and it was!

Because the room was so small I kept the rest of the pieces in the room neutral. The rug, woven, drapery, and the dresser all tied in the floors with the white furniture, and the little table and lamp with the wood and the white did the same. There was no built in lighting in this room so I chose the white floor lamp to help brighten up the room. I chose the acrylic bookshelf because I knew it wouldn't clutter up the space given the see-thru sides. The globe was actually my brother-in-law's from when he was a child and some of those books are from my own boys which brings me so much joy. 


I knew I wanted to keep the artwork simple so the bedding would be the star and from the beginning I had wanted to tie in something from the Roald Dahl;s book Matilda. Growing up my sister was obsessed with the book and movie and some of my greatest memories are watching it with her when she was little. I found this quote from the book printed on paper, and I thought it was such a powerful message to grow up with. It reads, "Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it's unbelievable.” Amen to that. 

Not pictured is one of the highlights of the room which is a framed picture of a sunrise from the day Emme was born. My niece was born just as the sun rose and my best friend was able to snap the most beautiful picture the exact second she took her first breath. She dated and titled it "Emerson's First Sunrise" and gifted it to my sister. It truly is the most special piece in the room. It's one that I know will be passed from generation to generation! 

Aside from the print and sunrise picture, I added in a few more personal touches which include a picture from my sister's shower and another from the Woman's March in Washington which Emme actually attended as a one month old embryo! I love that she is going to grow up in a room with such strong female energy, and that alone is the best gift I could give her! I also had to include some pink Converse high-tops as a nod to her crazy older cousins, The final touch was that sweet little felt mobile that my sister and I found while we were in New York over the summer. We spent days looking for a mobile and then just happened on a store that had the perfect one. We hung it from the ceiling with fishing wire and it's just a delicate little touch, I think it made the entire room!


I've said it before and I'll say it again, hands down my favorite projects are the ones I do for my family and friends because I get to see just how happy these spaces make them. My sister is such an incredible mother and seeing her raise my niece in such an inspiring room makes my heart feel so full. I feel so blessed to have her and her growing family in my life, and I'm forever grateful that she let me help her make this beautiful space for her daughter.  Xx

dresser // rug // shelves // table lamp // Matilda print // floor lamp // side table // custom bunting // wooden frame // bunny pillow // heart pillow // sheet set // roman shades // crib skirt and changing pad, custom Serena and Lily, Mobile (similar)

Photography by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography (Thank you Sabrina!!!)

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