2017 Gift Guide: For The Dudes

Men. You can't live with them, you can't shop for them. I kid, I kid, but seriously, why are men so hard to shop for? I feel like buying gifts for your man is slightly easier if the dude in your life lives like he's in a J.Crew catalog, but for the rest of us who get, "I don' really want anything," the task can be much harder.

Below you will find a few gifts that are sure to please most of the men on your list (even those who are the hardest to shop for). It's my personal challenge each year to get my husband at least one thing that he loves, and so far I've done pretty well. Let's just ignore that one time that I thought this was a genus idea! Xx

2017 gg dudes.jpg

1. A new pair of PJ's. I don't care how much of a grinch you are, you still love a new pair of pajamas. 

2. A great book that my husband loved. 

3. A classic album to remind him of that amazing tropical vacation you took that one time. 

4. Sweatpants that are long enough for even the tallest man in your life (my husband is 6'4" and these actually fit!) that also make him look just a touch cooler than he is. 

5. A great new gym bag that won't break the bank. 

6. The ultimate bar book. Pair it with his favorite liquor. Done and done. 

7. Classic cons, a pair of shoes that don't scream "I'm a Dad," even if he is a pretty awesome one. 

8. Wireless headphones. The gift that pretty much everyone wants, but can't bring themselves to buy. I love the blue hue on these!

9. A book that will remind him of his childhood or at least what all men wish their childhood was. 

top image via Elf