2017 Gift Guide: For Her

2017 was without question was the year of the woman! Here are a few gift gift ideas for all those ladies in your life. I am so incredibly lucky to have so many amazing females that I call friends, and as far as gifts go they have been the most wonderful surprise of my life! 

2017 gift guide for her- glam.jpg

1. A blazer that can be dressed up just as easily as it can be dressed down. Work followed by a dinner event or a date night? This will surely keep you covered. 

2. The most amazing holiday dress. I pretty much never impulse shop but I bought this on a whim the day we were leaving to Paris and without question it is the most beautiful piece in my wardrobe. 

3. The House That Pinterest Built. This book is even better than I anticipated. Diane Keaton + insane interiors = a gift that is sure to please just about any lady on your list. 

4. I absolutely love these lipsticks from Glossier. More of a stain than a saturated color, these lipsticks are long lasting and come in plenty of hues. My favorite is "like." For those glam girls in your life, throw in a little gloss to help them take their color to the next level. 

5. Shearling slides: What can I say, as impracticable as they are, I still love them. Right now this pair in navy and black is topping my wish list. They are a fashionable as a heel but as comfortable as a flip flop. That right there is what you call a win win!

6. Diptyque Perfume: A few years ago I fell in love with these perfumes while visiting my girlfriend. While we were in Paris I was in search of a special memento to bring home and in the end let Liam pick out a bottle of this for me in his favorite scent. I've been wearing it every day since and I'm immediately transported back to that magical trip! Everyone keeps asking me what I'm wearing and this is the secret!

7. I'm not necessarily a "bag" person but I have purchased my fair share. Hands down this is my favorite bag ever, and it just seems to get better as it ages. The clean lines go with just about everything I wear and the structured bucket makes it easy to find the goods I carry, but the smaller sizes forces me to stay organized. 

8. A candle that smells as good as it looks. My girlfriend gifted me this a few weeks ago and my favorite part of the evening has been lighting it at the end of the day. 

9. Black patent leather loafers. Enough said. 

2017 gift guide for her- casual.jpg

1. Pajamas that are as adorable as they are cozy. 

2. Watermelon sleeping mask: A cult favorite, now back in stock at Sephora. Read the reviews, people are crazy for this stuff!

3. Surf Shack, my favorite book of the year. Perfect for those cold winter mornings when all you want to do is lay in bed and dream of those warm weather vacations. 

4. A great tunic. This one looks great on its own or paired with jeans!

5. My best friend went to the GOOP event and LA and received this stone oil diffuser and it's amazing! I want one for myself!

6. The perfect makeup for those ladies in you life who hate wearing makeup. 

7. The perfect mid-rise jeans. These Mother denim jeans are pretty much the only pair of jeans I wear and the only pair of jeans I buy. Bonus: they look just as good with sneakers as they do with heels. 

8. Slippers. The guaranteed gift that everyone on your list will love. 

9. Lingua Franca Sweater: Pretty much the hottest brand there is right now that also gives back. Their resistance sweaters have actually raised over 100k for non-profits like PP and the ACLU! 

I'll be back tomorrow with gifts for the home! 'Tis the season for sales and if you are like me this is this one time a year when you actually have visitors! Xx

top image via The Holiday