2017 Gift Guide: For The Kiddos

Okay, let's get right into it... the 2017 Gift Guides. I started with the kiddos because in all honesty, this time of year is pretty much about them, isn't it? I usually ask my kids for their Christmas list far ahead of the holiday, and many of these selections are based on things from their own lists. I typically get the boys a few things that they want, and gift those from their relatives, and then we fill out the tree with a few more things that they need (clothing, shoes, books...etc) from us. My kids definitely dream big (Gray's list this year started with a rolex), but with a little creativity I can usually make them happy on Christmas morning. (See exhibit A above)

For those of you who are looking for the perfect gift for the littles in your life, here are 10 great gift ideas that I'm pretty sure will please some of those big dreamers on your list. Each year I'm blown away by just how many goods are offered, and I tried to pair this list down to some of the best of the best. I'll be back on Monday for my gift guide for her, and follow that up with some ideas for him and for the home. I'm a little freaked out that Thanksgiving is less than a week away which means it might actually be time to think about that shopping! Xx 

gift guide 2017 kiddos.jpg

1. Darth Vader Backpack: I've never been a big fan of character products, so of course my kids are obsessed with them. For those of you in the same boat, this Darth Vader backpack is the perfect choice for those Star Wars fans in your life. The message is clear but it isn't quite as in-your-face as some of the other ones out there. Basically, the force is strong with this one. 

2. Velcro Converse: These have been a game changer since we got them for Liam. They are the same as lace up Converse, but there is  velcro on the sides so you put them the same as you would a slip on. I cannot even begin to tell you how much time this saves us on a daily basis! These are pretty much the best shoes ever made. 

3. Bathing Suit: Just in time for Spring Break, I love the funky little print on this one.. 

4. Scooter: Since a Rolex is out of the question, I'm pretty sure this scooter is topping Gray's list. It rides like a mini kick, which all kids  know and love, but it is larger and as a handlebar that extends as they grow. The best part is that unlike a Razor, this thing won't spin around and clip you in the ankles while you are carrying it!

5. Apple Watch: This one is topping Liam's list and we are on the fence about it. Because of skateboarding he's able to be on his own quite a bit, and there are quite a few times that I'd like to be able to get in touch with him. He also really wants to listen to music. The Apple watch seems like a better option than a phone (which we already decided won't be happening for a few years) but I'm still not convinced. I have a feeling this one is going to be a game time decision for Santa. 

6. Pajamas:  Who doesn't love new pi's for the holidays? It's pretty much the perfect present. I love the fun print on these and anything that is mix and match is tops in my book. 

7. Shark Pillow: I'm gifting the" Costa House" a few of these for Christmas! I hope she plans to use them in the boys' bunk room because I think they would be absolutely adorable on their bunk beds.

8. Furry Slippers: Like PJ's, another guaranteed hit. The eyes on these make them a little more fun but the structure of the slipper means that the shape will hold much longer. 

9. Journal: Liam's teacher asked that he keep a journal throughout his travels in Paris, and Liam absolutely loved it! These little moleskins are so great because you can just keep them in your back pocket. I'm not so secretly hoping that Liam will become a writer when he is older, and I think that keeping a journal is a great place to start.

10. Electric Toothbrush: A boring but necessary purchase. I always try to give little gifts like this at Christmas because it makes them just a little more fun. Besides, what are they going to do, complain to Santa about it? ;)

gift guide 2017 girls.jpg

1. Emoji Shirt: What is it with little girls and emojis? I find it equally adorable and frightening but I also think they are super cute, so I'm on board! This shirt is sure to please the emoji fan in your life and hey, at least it's not the poop one. Aka my kids' favorite. 

2. My Aunt Rocks Journal: A cute little journal. You know I'm going to need to get one of these for my niece. 

3, Matilda: The absolute best in my book. Liam just read it for the second time and both of us are obsessed with the movie. My little sister was the same way growing up and I actually designed a Matilda themed nursery for her baby! Clearly, I love all things Matilda and it all starts with this book!

4. Beanie: Okay, you all win. Girl's are more fun to dress. 

5. T-shirt: Oh, that's just another of the greatest t-shirts ever. Another necessity for my niece. 

6. Socks: What little girl wouldn't love these adorable socks???? Heck. I want these socks!

7. Hair Clips: I got a few of these for my god-daughter a few years ago and I absolutely loved them! I know there are a million hair clips out there but these really are special!

8: Converse: Every time I see a little girl in Converse my ovaries twinge a little. It's just such a cute shoe to wear with leggings and dresses and I'm especially loving the mint color on these. 

9. Feminist Trading Cards: I got these for the boys during our last trip to NYC and I"m obsessed. We play go fish with them and I die every time they ask me for a Rosa Parks, or a Sally Ride and we all get so excited if we are the one to pair the Hillary's! Besides the fact that they are cute, I think it's such a great way to open the door for a conversation about these incredible women and there is no better way than to do it over a deck of cards!

10. Mittens: Stop it. Girl' clothe's rule. Period. End.