2017 Holiday Gift Guides Coming Friday!

I was on the fence about doing gift guides this year because I was feeling like there were just too many of them out there. I also was feeling like it was a little early to start thinking about the holidays (despite the fact I listened to a few minutes of Christmas music in the car today) and I was generally uninspired. I did a little poll on Insta Stories yesterday asking if I should forgo the gift guides this year, and the overwhelming majority of you voted to keep them going! 

So, gift guides it is. I have my baby niece visiting tomorrow (so the entire day is filled with baby sniffing and discussing just how much I want to eat her thighs) so I'll start the guides on Friday. Today I decided that this year I think that I'm just going to give in and throw myself into the holidays since lately I've been feeling so down about the state of the world. The idea of immersing myself in all things JOY for the next few weeks sounds absolutely lovely and I have a feeling that these gift guides are just what I need to get me in the holiday spirit!

 Make sure to come back Friday and see all my pics for the Kiddos (you know, the people who are the absolute best to shop for). Xx



In case you are interested, here are my gift guides from last year: for her // for him // for the home // for the kiddos

Pinecone image by Elle Decor