How To Wear Cropped Pants In The Winter

Okay, so by now we have all gotten the memo... pants that are cropped slightly above the ankle look better on about 90% of the population. There is something about getting a glimpse of that delicate ankle bone (which just so happens to be the one place that you don't gain weight) that can make or break an outfit. Of course, this is great for the 6 months a year where you can actually wear bare ankles, but what are you supposed to do when it's freezing out? Frostbite is a thing, people! 

The conundrum is real. In fact, there have even been investigations into why it is that pants no longer come down to the ankle. As in, some brands are not even making ankle length pants any more! So, what are us cold weather dwellers supposed to do? Are we supposed to single handily bring back the leg warmer? Or are our poor ankles now just left to fend for themselves? It's only November, and honestly I'm not sure how much more of this cold my little ankle can take. There is a very obvious answer, of course, and yet it's one that can pretty much only be found on the pages of Pinterest.


Based on how you all felt about socks with heels, I'm pretty sure that this is going to be a controversial topic, but at the end of the day Jenna approved, and I'm pretty sure that means that we should all wear socks with heels, and for the rest of our lives! ;) Seriously, though.... not only are socks with ankle jeans more functional (just say no to frostbite) but I'm here to say that I think this look is actually more fashionable as well.

Socks with cropped pants (and heels, loafers, mules, sneakers) actually adds quite a bit of visual interest to an outfit, and they certainly make it more fun! The key is to either go heavy on the fashion (velvet, sequin, statement socks) or go to the other end of the spectrum and embrace your inner geek. Right now, I'm absolutely loving the tube sock look with the cropped pants and loafers. Throw on a chunky knit and a great jacket and you have a super on trend, and fashion forward outfit!

To make things easier, I've even rounded up a few of my favorite socks, some of which you know I had to get for myself!

get the look.jpg

Listen, I get that this look isn't for everyone but I say it's worth a try. We all have socks and we all have ankle length pants, the key is just to bring these two fated friends together! Xx

(Image credits: Fashion Gone Rogue // Tumblr // Le Fashion // Dapper Dean // AG blog // Instagram // The Zoe Report // Who What Wear)