Current Obsession: DÔEN Knitwear

The Stark's were right, winter IS coming and for those of us in New England, it's here! After the Indian summer we've been having, I got very comfortable wearing short sleeves in November, and I have to say, these January like mornings are making me want to stay under the covers and only come out when spring arrives! Sadly, we all know that can't happen, which means the only option is to bundle up and take it like a woman. 

In the past, I've had a pretty decent knitwear collection, yet I somehow only wear the same three sweaters throughout the season. After a few years of living in the same sweaters I've pretty much grown to hate them all. (Same goes for my snow boots, the cold memories run deep!) This year I decided to give my winter wardrobe a little refresh to add some variety, and I knew exactly where those pieces were going to come from. 

Enter DÔEN 

I had first learned about the brand when every Instafamous boho momma began touting their wears last summer. As much as I love the boho look, I felt that most of the warm weather pieces were just a little to billowy for me and I sort of wrote off the brand as being for those who spend their days barefoot with babies in the sand.  When we had a cold snap a few weeks back I randomly went to their site "just to see" and I fell madly in love with their knitwear collection. The silhouettes have a 70's vibe and the sweaters themselves are reminiscent of those that were worn on the beach during that era. You all know I'm forever a So. Cal girl at heart so for obvious reasons I was all over these after I saw them. 

Now, I will say that there is one issue with the company... there isn't enough stock! I had to size up in a few pieces (which ended up being great for layering) and I just couldn't seem to get my hands on a few of my favorite pieces, even after receiving notifications that my size was back in stock! I guess this is just what happens when you create a product that is so incredible, and I definitely can't hate on that. This site is going to be one I check often and for those of you who are also always on the hunt for the "perfect" sweater, I encourage you to do the same! Xx