Pretty Things

I was at a girls dinner last week and after listening to everyone talking about how busy life seems (and a few cocktails) I started to really question what it is that we are all doing. What is the point of running in circles only to be exhausted all the time? Right now so many things seem overwhelming, from parenting, (homework, sports, commuting, THE FIGHTING) to the world we live in (gun violence, TRUMP, the environment, natural disasters, N. Korea, TRUMP, women's liberties, police brutality, TRUMP) and at the end of the day we still have it so good. There are so many people all over the world that are struggling just to make it though another day and sometimes it feels like the weight of it all is so heavy. 

My immediate reaction when I have thoughts like this is to say, "let's just move to Costa Rica," but at the end of the day I know that has its drawbacks too. If we can't just walk away from it all, the one thing I can do is to I try to simplify my daily life. That may be saying "no" more often and it may be taking a look at my priorities, and re-focusing on what what makes me the happiest; my family.

Today, the boys are home from school and we are heading to the Museum of Science to see the new football exhibit with friends. It's a rainy day and the kind that is perfect for doing nothing. Recharging. I get so much inspiration from looking at images that exemplify what I think is beautiful. It's a nice escape to dream of a simplified and curated life, and for me it’s a good mental break when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Here are a few mood lifting, pretty things for this gloomy day. Xx