The Waban House: The Reveal!

It's the best kind of day around here, because today is another reveal day!!!! I only take on a few projects a year (so I know these days don't come often enough) but I couldn't be more excited to finally share with you what I have been working on for the better part of last year. I'm pretty sure you all are going to LOVE this one!

Meg, one of my best friends who I met through school, and her family began renovations on a Victorian home in the Waban, MA neighborhood two years ago. She and her husband hired the design team Chamberlain and Laliberte to renovate the and transform the home, and what a transformation it was! They were able to completely rework the house, which was from the late 1890's, with a new addition that created a modern feel in a perfectly restored vintage shell. For me, it was an incredible process to witness and I really couldn't believe how beautifully they were able to update this home. 

From the beginning I was tasked with designing the kids' rooms, that some of you may remember from last fall; AndyAlex, and JoJo. After the design team completed the renovation, I then began advising Meg on decor, eventually selecting most of the furnishings and accessories. It has been an incredibly fun process and one that is still ongoing! Right now I'm finishing up the family's formal living room and office, and I couldn't be prouder of how the house has turned out. I was given a perfect shell to work with and it was up to me to live up to the already high standard that was set!

Below you can see a the full tour of "The Waban House". As I mentioned, this is an ongoing project but this reveal covers all the main areas that the family spends most of their time in; entry, dining room, kitchen, and family room. Meg, is a lover of neutrals and you all know that I'm usually a girl that works with color. For that reason alone, this project was great in terms of forcing me to grow, and even though there is a neutral palate I think the house is still warm and inviting with an eclectic and fun vibe that you know I love. Speaking from experience this house has become one that you never want to leave and I couldn't be more excited to finally share it here!

Untitled3 copy 3kitchenlayers copysharp.jpg
Megan Waban2561 copy 5sharpliving.jpg
Megan Waban2527 copy 6sharpened.jpg
Megan Waban2552 copy 6layers.jpg
Megan Waban2429 copy 5sharp.jpg
Megan Waban2370 copy 4sharpened.jpg
Megan Waban2314 copy 6.jpg
Megan Waban2336 copy 4sharpened copy.jpg
Megan Waban2280sharp.jpg
Megan Wabansharpened.jpg
Megan Wabansharpeneddine.jpg
Megan Wabansharp copy copy.jpg
Megan Waban2288 copy 3layers.jpg

I can't tell you how relieved I am to finally be able to post about this house!!!! I've been sitting on this one, along with another project, for what feels like years and I have have to say it's been killing me not to share these images! In the coming weeks I'm going to feature Before & Afters for all of these rooms and of course, I'll be spilling the details on my sources. There isn't a lot in this house that was custom, which means that most items are still available!

I will never stop being grateful for friends who continue to trust me with their homes...their greatest material possessions. I'm so humbled by these opportunities and always so thrilled to see what we are able to create together! All of these images are photographed by another good friend Sabrina Cole Quinn (@sabrinacolequinn on instagram) and they perfectly capture what it feels like to actually be in this home. 

Keep you eye out for more of this house in the coming weeks! You really are not going to believe it when you see the "Befores"!!! Xx