I cannot remember the last time I read a fashion magazine. These days it feels like time is such  precious commodity, the last thing I want to do is spend what free time I have looking at clothing that is coming from one singular point of view. Lately, it seems like all of my fashion inspiration comes from Instagram and that's because I am are able to get so many different perspectives on fashion, all in one single feed.

Below you will find the four ladies that that inspire me (and my wardrobe) on a daily basis. These ladies make fashion feel approachable (and fun) and prove that it's often worth spending the time to put in a little more effort in the morning.


Famous for her online magazine Wardrobe Icons, Laura Fantacci brings it every day. I'm most inspired by her "school run" outfits and even though her closet is chalked full of some enviable brand names, she manages to make fashion very approachable and often mixes in Main St. pieces, exemplifying how to really nail that high / low mix. 


More aspirational than inspirational, Barcelona based Patricia Sañes seems to live the life most young girls only dream of. She's stunningly beautiful (that hair!!!), well traveled, and always perfectly styled. I find myself thinking about her looks, long after she's posted and her feed has been one of my favorite Insta finds of the year. (Thank you Lou!) 


Always simple and classic, Jessie Bush is the epitomie of effortless chic. Her outfits are the ones that often inspire my own wardrobe choices and she is living proof that investing in classic pieces is always in style. I find the photography on her site (which I believe is done by her fiancé) so simple and clean and it's always a breath of fresh air when I'm mindlessly scrolling through my feed. 


Freddie Harrel, of Big Hair No Care fame, has an unmistakable look and her personality shines through in every image shefeatures. She is unapologetically who she is and that alone is so inspiring. Her looks are fun, modern, bright, and she never seems to let anything slow her down (including pregnancy and a new baby!) I love how she wear sneakers with pretty much everything and always stays true to what is representative of her unique style. 

I'd love to know, are there any fashion 'grammars that you are loving these days? I'm always looking for new feeds to follow and especially those of independent voices. Over the weekend I did a big purge of the accounts that I follow, opting to keep in those small inspirational feeds and doing away with some of the big corporate ones. It's a given that we are always being sold to (and clearly I am just another part of the machine) but in the world of sponsored content I love seeing how creative someone can be with their clothing versus what a marketing department decides. I guess it's my virtual version of the shop local movement! Xx

Top image via @witblog