The Waban House Kitchen and Great Room

As promised, today is the day that I’m beginning to share some before and afters from my Waban project. This is one that you are going to have to truly see to believe! Let’s just take a look at the before...


This is where the kitchen and the great room began. I know what you are thinking, where is the great room??? When my clients bought this home the kitchen was very small and there wasn’t a ton of livable space. This is an old home, dating back to the 1890’s so the idea of a great room and open concept living was never considered. My client’s husband had the idea to blow out the back of the house (where the windows are in the above pics) to create a great room. Along with thier design team they opened up the back of the house and used sky lights to bring in more light to a space that was once very dark. Ultimately, this made the home much more functional and now this is the room that is probably used the most in the home. 


... here is where I came in. Once construction was finished, my friend asked if I would help her find some bar stools and the project snowballed from there. Prior to my involvement they had purchased a sofa, rug and coffee table and were on the fence about set of chairs they had ordered. They loved thier new home but wanted to make the house feel more lived in. What started with stool and plants led to a kitchen table, pillows, lamps and artwork and below you can see how I helped finish off this already beautiful space. 

Megan Waban2552 copy 6layers.jpg
Megan Waban2543 copy 4sharpkichen.jpg
Untitled3 copy 3kitchenlayers copysharp.jpg

bar stools // kitchen pendant // dining table // dining chairs // cloud art // rug 

As I mentioned, for me this project started with those barstools. My client had initially purchased some acrylic ones, thinking that they would help make the space more modern, but she returned them once she saw how easily fingerprints can be left behind. The family has three young children so they wanted something that could tolerate spills, but not something that would take away from the clean lines in the kitchen. Oh, and no fingerprints! 

From the beginning I knew I wanted to add some wood and some more organic elements to the space. While beautiful, the home felt a little sterile to me and I knew that adding some warm tones was just what the room needed. After an exhausting search I had almost given up on bar stools when these popped in as an ad on my computer one day. The second I saw them I knew they were the ones. They are an ivory leather which is super easy to clean and the shape means that there are no crevasses for food to hide in. 

The walnut base of the bar stools did so much to warm up the space that I knew I wanted to replicate that look when it came to choosing a dining room table. Initially, my client had ordered a white table but when it arrived we both felt it was a little stark for the space. I mentioned wood and my client did some digging and then sent me a few options. Like the barstools, as soon as I saw this table I knew it would be perfect and the design really took off from there. Black chairs were added for contrast and I love how they look with the black painted windows.  

Megan Waban2561 copy 5sharpliving.jpg
Megan Waban2527 copy 6sharpened.jpg
Megan Waban2429 copy 5sharp.jpg

brass chandelier // leather chairs // water print // sofa // poufs // coffee table // floor lamp

Warming up the great room was my next task and I knew that this one would be easy. Watercolor pillows and accessories were added to soften the look of the sofa and dark brown chairs were swapped for camel leather ones. I then added plants and books to make the space feel more lived in. I chose artwork that incorporated nature to bring in some blue hues to the space. I framed wallpaper in the same pattern as the pillows to add a little visual interest, but not too much so the room would still feel clean. Potted fiddle leaf fig trees were brought in to add some much needed greenery to the space. 


I cannot tell you how much I love these before and after pictures! The reason I love them so much is that you can really see how these final touches really finished off the space. So often people will build or rennovate a space and call it a day at the 90 yard line. At the end of most projects money is tight and emotionally people are ready to just be done with things. This can often be a missed opportunity because it means you will never truly feel at home in your house. This is why having a professional come in to put in those finishing touches can be so important. A little really can go a long way and this home is certainly proof of that.

I feel so fortunate that I had such a beautiful shell to work with and it really made finishing off this home so much fun and I think you can really see that in these after pictures! Comparatively, we spent such a small budget on these final touches and at the end of the day I’d say we definitely got our money’s worth!! Xx

After images by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography