House Mullets

For the past year, the way that I’ve been describing the Costa house to people is that, “it’s business in the front, and a party in the back.” This was done more for security reasons, and was largely based out how our lot is situated (the front of the house faces a dirt road whereas the back is open to the ocean and a nature preserve) but never did I think that a house “mullet” was actually a thing. Well, it turns out that it is and even though it’s typically done with more tradional homes, it’s kind of the answer for everyone, everywhere who wants a super modern house without worrying about it standing out in the community. Take that HOA! 

Confused? Just take a look at these “house mullets” below and I’m pretty sure after you see these images, more than a few of you are going to want to blow out the backs of your own homes. (Like, yesterday I’m guessing).  


Are these not the most insane homes you have ever seen? I’ve always felt that the best part of our Costa house (pictured above) is going to be that the back is completely out of view (from anyone really) which makes it our own little secret, but these houses are truly next level mullets!

My dream is still to renovate an old home here in Cambridge and if I’m ever given the chance, I would 100% do this to our house. I love how you can get the exact home you want, without changing your community in the slightest. The back of your home becomes your own private oasis and the best part is that no one would ever know it there! 

So, my take aways from this are as follows:

1) House Mullets are an actual “thing” and I’m building one.

2) House Mullets are pretty much the greatest idea ever.  

3) All houses that are ever built in an existing community should be house mullets! 

You really do learn something new every day. Damn, the internet really is awesome! Xx

All Images via Design Milk. Our Costa renderings via Salagnac Architecture