How Often Do You Shampoo Your Hair?

I was with a few of my girlfriends yesterday and one of them was reading the new book by Goop, Clean Beauty and she asked us how often we wash our hair. Apparently, the book was making the case that the less you shampoo your hair, the less oily it gets. It turns out that by shampooing your hair more often you are actually training your hair to need shampoo.

Well, my other girlfriend said that she started spacing out her shampoos a few years ago and now she only washes her hair every seven days!

Seven days?!?!?!? 

If I don't wash my hair at least once every day my hair gets so oily, I can't imagine seven! I'd heard of skipping shampoos but I thought that it meant you at least wet your hair in the shower and used conditioner, but nope! You can actually go a week without even getting your hair wet and when I tell you that my friend's hair always looks so picture perfect, I would have thought she was getting a blow out every other day! The big question of course, was what do you do after exercise? Get this... she doesn't have to wash her hair, it doesn't get oily or greasy even after a sweaty workout. Boom- Mind Blown!!!!!!

My friend's advice- start by skipping one day at a time and then two, and then gradually increase the time between shampoos. She says she would sometimes use a dry shampoo if her hair got really oily but the key is to not give in and wash it. Over time the actually texture of her hair changed and now she can go an entire week without washing. Bonus, her hair is healthier!

I have to say I'm intrigued. I'm not sure I could go a week but I may start skipping shampoos just to see. Have any of you tried weaning your hair off shampoo? I'd love to know! This may all be common knowledge but this honestly was the first time I'd heard of such a thing!!! 

P.S. These are still my favorite shampoos and conditioners. I've been loving the smooth and the repair line during these colder months! 

(Photo Credit: Petra Tung√•rden)