The #1 Street Style Trend From NYFW

Two weeks ago, the world's most stylish women all converged and a lot of them wore something that every single one of us currently has in our wardrobe...


As silly as this sounds, I think this is actually pretty groundbreaking. These women could wear pretty much anything ON EARTH and quite a few of them chose to wear a simple t-shirt, styling each in their own unique way. I think this is such a great evolution of the so called "normcore" movement from a few years back and I loved seeing something so basic being paired with luxury items and then trotted out on fashion's biggest runway, the streets of NYC! I feel like this mix of high and low is something that many of us aspire to have in our own wardrobes (raising my hand) and I love seeing such relatable fashion really take over during fashion week. A friend of ours gave me this t-shirt a few weeks back, and I have worn it pretty much every day since. I had yet to consider wearing it with a sequin skirt or sky high stilettos, but hey, it's only Tuesday! 

Here are ten of my favorite t-shirts that are currently being offered. That "kale" one is absolutely topping my list right now. It makes me laugh every time I see someone wearing it... and in Cambridge that's actually quite a bit!!! Xx