PJ's All Day

Season after season the "trend" of wearing what seems to be actual pajamas out in public keeps reappearing and no where was it more prevalent than at at last week's NYFW. Jenna Lyons herself wore pieces from J. Crew's recent collaboration with the London based Drake's, and did so from head to toe during the company's presentation. If that's not a hint that PJ's all day may soon be a mainstream thing, than I'm not sure what is. 

I'll be honest, at first when I would see photos of women wearing pajamas in public I was a little confused. Part of me loves this look (and not because I would absolutely wear my pajamas all day (and every day) if given the option, but more so because I just love the idea of being able to wear multiple patterns, done in a comfortable fabric, all the while looking super stylish and cool. It's sort of like a really comfortable suit or on the flip side a more elegant "athleisure wear" outfit. Given this, PJ's all day really couldn't make more sense from a functional and fashionable point of view.

Just look at these gorgeous ladies who are completely pulling off head to toe pajamas... and in public. 

The other (more rational) side of my brain recognizes that this look is still probably best suited for the high fashion or "street style" sect. For example, if I wear to cruise into the boys' school wearing head to toe pajamas not only would I get a few looks from the other parents, but I also wouldn't be surprised if there were a few calls made by the school itself questioning my sanity. 

For real life, it seems like the way to make this look a little more approachable is to wear the pajamas as separates. I can't say for sure if these women are wearing actual pajamas, but I think that's kind of the point. This look is one that I not only fully embrace, but it's one that I would actually wear out. i.e. until the temps drop and I start to live in my sweatshirts, this may be what I start to pick the boys up in at the end of the day.*

Let's call this PJ's All Day... for beginners. 

This, I think most of us can agree on. This is fresh, and cool, and well, it probably won't get you sent for medical analysis. This is PJ's All Day for us mere mortals and I have to say I'm all in. I absolutely love the Drake's collaboration with J.Crew and coincidentally my favorite pajamas are also made by the company. I've had the white and navy sets for years and they really are the perfect pajamas and they are surprisingly affordable for the quality. That's the thing with a "trend" like this, even though it seems to have staying power, this probably is something that will will go out of style sooner rather than later. However, the beauty of this trend is that instead of ending up in the back of your closet, these pieces can actually be worn again... to bed! Xx

* Hahahaha, like this this isn't actually what I usually (always) pick the boys up in. Maybe now I won't be so embarrassed to leave the safety of the carpool late because it's fassssshhhhhhiiiooon and not laziness. Am I right?????