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The PERFECT Jean.... Found!

I feel like I am on a never-ending quest to find the perfect jean. Well, I guess I should say that I was on the never-ending quest to find the perfect jean because on Tuesday, I stumbled upon the most amazing pair and since then I have yet to take them off.

Before I give up the goods, let's talk about jeans.

By now most of us have discovered the magic that is the skinny jean. For the majority of people (and truly this goes for all shapes and sizes) a skinny jean does exactly what it says, it makes you look skinnier. When you have a slim, and tapered silhouette on the bottom you will instantly look taller and leaner. For you naysayers, all I can say is hit the mall and try a pair... I bet you will never turn back. They key is to just try it. 

Okay, so we all look better in skinny jeans, but do we actually feel better in them? I've found that this really varies from person to person. There are some girls who can walk around in painted on jeans (camel toe and all) and not give it a second thought. There are others (me!) who consider the skinny jean to be the modern day version of a corset and will wear them if need be but will instantly take them off the second they walk in the door so they can finally b r e a t h e. This is why in years passed I have adopted the boyfriend jean which tends to have the opposite effect of a skinny jean, making your lower half look wider. Not ideal, but hey.... they sure are comfortable. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could have the look of a skinny jean with the comfort of a boyfriend? A jean you could have a butt in, that also allows room for your stomach. A jean that is as stylish as it is comfortable. One that could worn day and night, that could be dressed up and dressed down. Well, guess what? Someone has created this unicorn like style and it is not so surprisingly it is called the skinny boyfriend jean and  luckily it is trending hard for Fall.. 

Some of you are probably thinking "duh" I already knew that, but I am here to say that not all skinny boyfriend jeans are the same. Many will claim to be "skinny" when they are really just slim, while others say they are "boyfriend" when really they are just baggy. A true skinny boyfriend is snug (not tight) in the hips and butt (meaning no droopy diaper like pouch in the back) and are slim (not tight) int the leg. They are comfortable and slimming and the boyfriend effect is created by the illusion that they are just slightly oversized. I prefer my skinny boyfriend slightly rolled at the bottom and that just adds to the effect but also makes them the perfect length for heels, oxfords, loafers, sneakers, booties, and ballet flats. i.e. every shoe in your closet. 

Want a visual of what I'm talking about? Just take a look at these ladies absolutely killing it in their skinny boyfriends. 


Now, for the PERFECT pair which I really only discovered by chance. A few days ago the boys and I were running errands downtown and by some miracle they were both being well behaved. We passed a one of my favorite stores on way to the car which had a big SALE sign in the window. I asked if they would mind if I popped in and both enthusiastically said they were in. I pretty much only shop online so it was so nice to walk though and peruse all the new fall arrivals. The salesperson asked if there was something specific I was looking for and I mentioned my forever quest for a skinny boyfriend jean. He ran to the back and came out holding a pair and the minute I tried them on I swear a little halo illuminated from them. He suggested I go I size DOWN which I thought to would be way too small but they really were perfect. So perfect I immediately texted my girlfriends and then scooped them up on the spot. The rest as they say is history and I'm telling you, not only have a worn these jeans for three days straight but they are so comfortable that I would actually sleep in them if I had to. They are mostly cotton which makes them soft as pajama pants, but they have just a touch of stretch. Not too much that they get loose in the bum but just enough that they hang, well perfectly. 

Behold the PEFECT jean: the Rag & Bone Dre Perry Slimfit Boyfriend. I sort of feel bad for all my other jeans because I'm not sure what to tell them when I continue to reach for these day after day. Just like in the story The Three Little Bears, I have finally found a pair that is "just right" and you can bet I won't be taking them off anytime soon. XX

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