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Just like that a month has gone by in a blink of eye and it's hard to believe that we are already heading back home in just a few short days. Overall, this trip has, without question, been our best yet. Each year I say it, and I'll say it again... traveling with older kids is just so much better than traveling with younger ones. We've been bringing the boys down here for almost 9 years and this year we finally hit the sweet spot where everyone can do everything, and we can actually all do it together! With Gray nearing 5 and Liam 9, the boys are just so study and not having to worry about their swimming, illnesses, infections... has really been the best part of it all.

In short, we can have fun! 

There is always a period when we are ready to go home and it usually comes before our last week in country. Like clockwork, ours came last weekend when there were a few rainy days and us adults picked up another stomach something (I think we are getting it from the lettuce) and I was more than ready to pack my bags for home. On Wednesday, the sun was again shining and we were (thankfully) back to eating and that feeling immediately passed. Of course, that means that we are now we are back to being dreading the day we have to leave. I won't miss the bugs, but man I will miss everything else. Luckily, this place is becoming our second home and we will happily be back again in December. 

Here is a little glimpse into what life has been like the last two weeks. Lots of time at the beach, lots of time with the family, and thankfully lots of sun! Cheers to the weekend! Xx

The Costa House: The Master Bath

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