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Instagram Gallery Wall

You long time readers know that no matter how hard I try, I just can't curb my love for a good gallery wall. People may say that they are "out," currently being replaced by the picture ledge, but I have to disagree. There is no easier (and cheaper!) way to make a large statement than with a large gallery wall (my favorites are floor to ceiling) and for me I just love how personal can be. I feel like you can tell so much about a person by looking at their walls, and to that end I will always be filling mine with the faces of those that I love the most. 

This is why I was so excited when I discovered the new framed Instagram feature from Frambridge. I have been a huge fan of this company since its inception, and I'm loving that you can now frame an Instagram image for only $39, and that includes shipping! It really couldn't be easier. In the app you just select your image from your Instagram and then choose from over 30 frames that are previewed with your image inside. You even have the option to view it on a wall! I find that all my favorite pictures live in my Instagram account so the hardest part for me will be to pick just a few. The images print at 5 x 5", but the frame itself is almost a foot all around which means you could do a sizable gallery wall over a sofa or in a  dining room with only about 7-10 images. 

For the Costa house I plan to pay homage to all the time we've spent in this beautiful country. I'm not quite sure exactly where (but I'm guessing in our entrance) but I want to fill a large wall with about 20 of these framed images. You can mix and match frames, but since I'm planning on keeping the house as bright as possible I want to do only white frames so the images themselves can really pop. I love the idea that over time I can add more images as the boys grow, and I feel like this is one thing that will really make this house feel like our home. I played around a little on the app and this is what I have in mind. Even though I plan to use the same frames, I think I will hang them at random, rather than hanging them in a grid and I really hope this will be a main focal point in the house. These images absolutely capture the moments when our family is at our happiest and I can't think of a better way to welcome people in to our home! Xx


The Costa House: The Beginning and The End