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The Costa House: The Beginning and The End

I'm sure you are a little tired of hearing about the Costa house right about now but what can I say, so much has happened while we've been down here! We had one final meeting with our architect and my dad, before he left, and now it's go time! After we signed everything I had a day where I was like "what are we doing, gulp????" but now I've come around to the fact that sometimes you just have to go for it and the one thing that I am truly confident about is that this town is where we ultimately want our family home to be. No, we won't be moving down here full time until the boys are out of school but when I think of Christmases and summers and playing with my Grandbabies, this is absolutely the place that I picture.

So, as they say, we are all in. 

I titled this post "The Beginning and the End" because that is exactly where we are at. The time for somedays, and maybes, and I wish I could have is over and now it's what do we need, what can we afford, and how do we source it. In short, shit just got real. 

Here is where we are at. The first step is to decide the "style of the house" (i.e. what this post is about). I actually knew that one right away because there is one image that I just kept coming back to over and over (and trust me when I say I have probably looked at every modern tropical home that exists on the Internet). I shared this with our architect and his partner (his wife) and they both loved it. They are going to run with that style, incorporate our pre-plans (which more than layout is really just everything I'd like to fit in the space) and they will start designing the shell of our 3D model.

For the next 6 months it's going to work like that. I send them my ideas, they incorporate and together we source it, and so on and so on until every last detail is decided. The goal is to have the model complete by the time we are back here (after Christmas) so I can pick my finishes. This is when I will decide on tile, wood stain / grain, etc hopefully from options that are readily available down here (hopefully). Somewhere along the way I will meet with a designer in San Jose to pick things like hardware, sinks, appliances, tile, etc... but the goal is to be done with the virtual model by February. After that we will move to the blueprint stage and then collect bids from local builders. We are planning to break ground next November (after the rainy season) and even though that seems like a long time away I know that I absolutely didn't want to feel rushed in the planning stages because this is where all the real decisions are made. Also, because Costa Rica is a cash up front endeavor I wanted to make sure that we have more time to save so we aren't cutting corners in the end when the project runs over (as all projects tend to do.) Our build should last about 18 months which means we should be in the house by summer 2019. It seems like such a long way away, but somehow I think it's going to go rather quickly!  (My secret goal is to have it done by May so I can have my girls down for my 40th birthday.. I can't actually say this out load because then it won't actually happen ;))

Back to step one. The style. As I mentioned, I have pretty much seen all there is to see and the one picture I found that I had taken a screen shot of no less than 100 times was the home you see pictured above. When I think about our land, what I want the home to be and how I want it to feel, this is the image that continues to pop into my mind. It's light, it's substantial, it's modern and it's warm. The materials and style are  ery similar to what's been done down here for decades and the modern features are ones that our architects are very versed in. When I showed them the images they loved the style as much as I did, and while they said it will be very unique for this area, they assured me that it could also be easily done. In short, it's perfect. 

After some digging I was able to find the designer of this amazing home and it turns out that it is actually a house in Booth Beach, outside of Los Angeles, designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis. I was able to find some images from the rest of the house and while the inside is a little to modern for my taste, the outside absolutely took my breath away. Our home will be different in shape, but if all goes well this is the style that our home should have. 

I can't believe it even has a little guest house like we will... I mean, it really couldn't be more perfect! 

I realize this is just one in about 10,000 decisions that I'm going to have to make but at least it's one that I am 100% about. I've mentioned before that I want the inside of the home to feel really simple and I feel like this shell is perfectly suited for that. I cannot wait to see what the architects come up with and you know I'll be sharing it here as soon as I get my hands on the model! We made so much progress while we were down here and now all we have left is to soak up this last week in paradise. Xx

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