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I Have This Thing With (Mosaic Tiled) Floors

As our architects have been working on the model of our home, I have begun the tedious (and fun!) task of trying to source some of the items that I absolutely know I want in our home. If we know up front what sort of tiles, lighting, appliances, and fixtures we are going to use, then we will have a better idea of the cost, which hopefully will keep the actual construction under budget. (Hopefully) Right now it's so easy to throw everything into the virtual model, but I realize that all these beautiful things are actually line items, and I want to be really careful to not get my heart set on something, only to find that it isn't available or will cost more than we anticipated. 

The challenge with this build is that there are so many unknown costs simply because we are building out of country. I was warned going in that this isn't like building in the US, where there is a Home Depot or Lowes on every corner, and most items either have to be found in country (which ultimately means sacrificing design) or they have to be shipped in via a crate (which is expensive and challenging given that you have to deal with local customs fees and releases). We know that our two biggest expenses in this house are going to be the foldable glass doors and the patterned tile that I want in the kitchen and all the bathrooms. My father is all over the doors, and has already found a company out of California that is pretty affordable (meaning we could justify the shipping) and I've been tasked with tracking down the tile. At some point I am going to take a trip down just to source in country materials, but for now I'm also looking at options online. 

Patterned tile is trending pretty hard right now so there are tons of options. I've decided that I'm not going to go the super budget route on this (i.e. Home Depot) because I want to make sure everything in this house lasts so we only have to install it all once. This means we are looking at shipping tile that is already going to be somewhat pricy which means $$$$. I had assumed this was going to be the case and allowed for it in the budget, but after seeing the above image on the famed I Have This Thing With Floors Instagram, I had a bit of an epiphany. What if instead of hand painted tile, I thought a little outside the box and installed mosaic tile? This way I would just have to come up with a pattern (there are actually templates online) and then find small, colored tiles in country. Yes, it would be more work, BUT I think it would make such a statement in the kitchen (and maybe some of the bathrooms) AND it would be something different. This also would be a little ahead of what's trending now, so from a design perspective I'm also very intrigued. 

Of course, once I got the idea in my head I couldn't help but stare at beautiful mosaic tiled floors and so far these are some of my favorites. 

I also really like the idea of doing a mosaic tiled floor in a neutral in our master bath (with white walls and a wood vanity.)

I shared this idea with my husband and surprisingly he was on board. His only warning was that I would HAVE to be there when it was being installed. I am a stickler for details and can you image if I walked in and the tiles were kind of everywhere? I saw this picture below and I had to laugh. If we decide to got the mosaic tile route, I have no question that at midnight one night this is going to be my dad and I (the only person who cares more about the small details than I) laying out the tile throughout the house. 

So, tell me have any of you had mosaic tiled floors or backsplashes installed? I'd love to know some pros and cons! I also found some companies that ship mosaic tiles in a larger square (like a regular tile) and I'd love to know if anyone has gone that route! Feel free to share in the comments! Xx

All images (except for the bottom) via the I Have This Thing With Floors Instagram 

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