The Costa House: Plans, Plans, and More Plans

Every big project has to start with a plan. In this case, we went in with an idea of what we wanted to do with the layout for the Costa house and already, just a few weeks later, we already have a change in plans.  

Just to refresh, here is what we started with.

When we first met with our architect we mentioned that we were in no way tied to our original plans. The idea was that we would give them something that showed every element we wanted in the house, but that we would be open to any layout change. After reviewing our "plans" I received a note back asking if I was willing to modify our design to better protect the house from the strong winds that we will get. (The price you pay for living on the top of a hill.) 

The remedy that was suggested is that we build in more of an "L" shape, similar to the inspiration home that I am using for the exterior. (As a refresher you can see that home here). I had always loved the idea of the "L" shape, so this was really a best case scenario for me. After getting confirmation that we were on board we were presented with this layout which would better protect the home from the wind. 

Based on the above, the architects went to work and came up with this concept. 

I realize it's a little small but basically this design contains everything we originally wanted in the house, while also protecting the house for the strong winds. Initially, I didn't love it and honestly I wasn't sure why. After mulling it over I realized my concern was that it was lacking in outdoor space (I had envisioned much more livable space outdoors) and the room sizes weren't exactly what I was looking for (the master was too large, and the guest and bunk room too small). I expressed these concerns to my father and he was able to conceptualize a design that wasn't too far off from what was presented, but one that allowed for more covered outdoor space.  

We submitted our idea to the architects and while there may still be some small changes due to cost, this "plan" is what the 3D model is going to be based off. I just heard word that we may be receiving the initial model as early as next week! Whhhhhhhaaaattttt? 

I realize this isn't the juiciest part of the designing process, but ultimately it will be the most important. I really can't wait to see these plans come to fruition and you know I will be sharing it all as it happens! Xx