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Style Crush: Dodo Bar Or


It funny, over the years I've found that the more I travel, the less I tend to pack for each trip. A few years ago if I was going away for a girl's weekend or a multi-week trip down to Costa Rica, I would bring evvvverrrything in my closet "just in case" I wanted to wear it. This always meant repacking at the airport to make sure I was underweight and then, of course, having to unpack back at home (essentially cleaning or ironing everything that I didn't wear). Talk about a waste of time and energy. All I can say is that times... they sure have changed. 

Take this trip for example. We are down here for five weeks and what did I pack with me? Two pairs of shorts, two tank tops, and five dresses / jumpsuits. Yep, that's it. Guess what? I still haven't even worn two of the dresses because I didn't want to have to clean them before we leave for our next trip. I've found that when traveling less is SO much more, and the key is to have a few pieces that you love and that you are happy to wear over and over. 

When it comes to vacation wear, this is a pretty easy task. There are so many great bohemian inspired brands (Mara Hoffman and Figue are my current favorites) and each year I buy one or two pieces that become part of my vacation wardrobe. The ones that start to fall apart after so much use turn into beach coverups and the nicer pieces are saved for resorts or dinners out. After a while I find that it's my more unique pieces that I keep wearing on repeat (yes, sometimes even five options is too many) which is why I was so excited when I discovered the resort brand Dodo Bar Or.

Founded in Paris over a year ago, Dodo's line of jumpsuits, dresses, and rompers is perfect for just about any tropical destination that you can imagine. This for me is the travel wear perfected. It's light, it's airy, you know you are going to be the only one wearing it. Throw on a great pair of leather sandals and grab a simple tote and you are ready to go. Bonus points go to those who wear it with wet hair, fresh from the sea.

Simple, unique, and comfortable... all the reasons why  I'm having a serious style crush on Dodo Bar Or. Xx

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