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The Costa House: The Master Bath

When we were talking about what we would want in the Costa house my husband had only two requests. The first was that wanted a secure place inside the house to store his surfboards, and the second was that he would like to have a view of the jungle from the shower in the master bathroom. Easy enough, right?  

To acquiesce, when I was laying out the floor plan with my dad we had originally placed the shower on the corner of the house with the idea that the shower would be housed in glass to  provide a view out of both sides. At the time I pretty much thought this would be the most insane bathroom plan we could come up with, but that was before we saw something that our architect was working on for another client. After looking at all the virtual images my mind was blown and and I knew that we wanted to do something similar. 

Instead of housing the shower in glass, our architect had designed a bathroom where the bathtub / shower was on the balcony, designed to be completely open to the sky.  Essentially it's an outdoor shower, but it's part of the master bathroom which means it is open air and also private. Since it's always warm down here we don't have to worry about the climate and the only thing that I can think of that would make taking a warm outside shower better is taking a warm shower outside... in the rain! I can just imagine how amazing it will be to be our there with the jungle as your only view, watching a storm roll in. 

I'm going to design the shower / bathroom itself to be very similar to the image above. I love the wood and white and this is pretty much what the majority of the shell of the house is going to look like. The shower itself will be housed on the balcony which is going to extend all the way to the guest room. I also plan on having a separate door from the balcony to the shower so guests can also take advantage of it without having to walk through our room. I mean, how unfair would it be if we kept this just to ourselves? 

When we were visiting the land a few weeks ago I snapped a picture of what our view is going to be. It's so incredible and it just reinforced that we really want to make sure that the majority of this house is filled with outside space. I can't think of anywhere better to start than in the shower and the only downside is that I can't imagine ever wanting to leave. Is it possible to be too clean? ??

Our architect knows our plan and I can't wait to see what he comes up with. The best part is that I think it will actually be cheaper to design the shower / bathroom this way and this one little element is going to absolutely be one of the real stars of the house! 

Below you can find a little more outside shower inspiration because really, there are few things in life that are better than a shower under the stars! Xx

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