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Summer Style Crush: Figue Clothing

I recently stumbled upon the clothing and accessories line Figue and what can I say, I'm obsessed. This bohemian look is just so perfect for summer and this is pretty much what gypset dreams are made from. I feel like I would see someone walking down the street in one of these pieces and think, "where did she get that"... followed by "where can I get that?" While they are definitely not cheap, they are items that truly read one of a kind and if I weren't about to embark on the building of a house, you can bet I would be adding everything to my shopping cart. (Okay, I still might order this clutch because it's so perfect).

Right now you can purchase the entire 2017 resort collection over at Moda Operandi and while it won't ship in time for this summer, you can bet next summer you wardrobe will be perfectly taken care of (not to mention Spring Break!) and all the heads will certainly be turning your way... including mine! Xx

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