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The South End House: The Master and Sitting Room

It's that time again! Are you all ready for another reveal of the South End project that I recently wrapped?  

I've already shared the before and afters from the roof, the first and second floors, and now we are moving on up... to the master suite! As I mentioned before, this family was moving over from Paris and bought the home sight unseen. I was brought in at the very beginning, and was able to really pick everything. As you've seen we purchased quite a few new items (the home the family shared before was smaller than this) and on this floor we were happily able to use quite a few pieces that the family already owned. I know there are a lot of designers out there that really push to replace everything when they come in (because, honestly it's just easier) but I love incorporating things that people have owned for years into my design because I think that is really what makes it feel like their home versus my project.

Okay, enough chatter, let's see the before and afters! 

sconces // lamps // side tables //pillow & shade fabric (sold out, similar here) // basket // blanket // paris rooftop print // duvet and euro pillows // Headboard and bench at end of bed, client's own // Paint: Farrow and Ball Elephant's Walk

As you can see, the master bedroom (like all the other bedrooms) was a really neutral space. These images are from the real estate listing so I'm not quite sure if they were staged to be that way or if that's the way they originally were. When I came into the space this room was kind of a boring tan and to be honest I was at  bit of a loss. I had already used so much gray throughout the rest of the house that I didn't really want to go that route, but I did want this to still feel like a calming place. I wasn't sure what kind of furniture the client was brining in (talk about really trusting each other!) so I really wanted to keep the room neutral but also make sure it wasn't boring. Since the family was (reluctantly) moving from Paris,  I decided to give them a little bit of that Parisian feel in their master and chose the color Elephant Walk by Farrow and Ball which is actually a gray, but a warm gray. What I like to call a "Parisian gray."

To combat all the warm tones (the floor and the walls) I decided I wanted to bring in some blue and once I unpacked the clients linen headboard and bench (yes, I was actually there on moving day) I actually let out a little squeal and designed the room around those pieces. To that end I chose fabric and had a roman shade, a cushion and pillows all made from the same fabric. I used a simple white duvet with a band that complimented the headboard and some light blue sheets. The room itself is very small so I went with side tables that were almost invisible and I swapped out the modern white sconces for something that was a little warmer. As you can see I double lamped because I wanted to make sure that the couple would be able to add more light if needed, as the sconces were originally the only source of light in the room. Would I chose to double lamp if I had the choice? Probably not, but I do think it really works in this space. Since the sconces take the place of art over the headboard, I had a print of rooftops in Paris framed and that went on the opposite wall. I absolutely love the way this room turned out and really, I wouldn't change a thing!

front pillows // back pillows // rug // curtains // rods // coffee table // sconces // furniture client's own // Paint: BM Stonington Gray lightened 75% 

Across the hall from the master there was a little bonus room. It was clear that it was used by the previous owners as an office (the painful built in ledge being the giveaway) and unlike the other rooms there was no sliding door to separate it from the stairwell. We had talked about turning it into a guest room but in the end decided to make this a little sitting room where the couple could sit back at night after the boys' were all in bed. 

In this room I incorporated all the pieces that the family already owned and really just gave them new life  by adding the pillows and the rug in complimentary patterns. I kept the room the same gray as the rest of the house, since there was no door separating it from the common area and I added some brass sconces, rods, and accessories to really glam up the space. White linen curtains were chosen to add a little softness to the room and as you can see I really went to the ceiling with these to try to enlarge the look of the windows. Since we couldn't loose the built in ledge we decided to place the TV on it added a coffee table to make it feel a little bit more like a living room. What was once a work space was really transformed into a sanctuary and I love knowing that the couple has this serene respite, right in the heart of the city... definitely the opposite of what was housed there before!

It's hard to believe it but there is actually more of this house to share! Next week I'll reveal the basement level which is really where all the family action happens! If you want to see more of this house make sure you check out the roof, first, and the boys' rooms! Xx

After photography by Sabrina Quinn Cole (@sabrinacolequinn on Instagram) the before was from real estate listing. 

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