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(Don't) Shut The (Glass) Door

There are things that I like to say are must haves for the Costa house, and then there are things that are MUST haves. The most important "thing" I would argue is that we have true inside / outside living. We have the advantage of having spent decades in the area and the one thing we know for sure is that unless we are cooking or sleeping, we spend very little time inside. Knowing this, the majority of our living and dining areas are going to be housed outside and to make those spaces feel like they are still a part of the interior, I absolutely want a wall of glass doors. If this means skimping in other parts of the house and keeping them minimal, so be it. As far as must haves go, this is numero uno. 

Our house will be on top of a hill which means we will get some great wind (and INCREDIBLE) views and I have this vision of walking in the front door and at first glance I want it to seem like the house is completely open, leading the eye directly to the jungle and beyond. Now, if I were Bill Gates and/ or if this wasn't Central America, my wish would surely be granted. Since I'm me, and this is Central America, (making this a cash up front operation) we are really going to have to be creative with this one.

Initially, I thought I wanted huge panes of glass that slid into the walls, but the idea of having to deal with the mechanism if something goes wrong with isn't really something I want to sign up for. I then started thinking we could do three huge panels that swiveled and while this is still an option (and a $$$$ one at that), my dad came up with the idea for an accordion style door which means we would be able to use smaller (less expensive) glass panels which would allow the entire wall to open if we'd like. I'm torn, because it would mean when it's closed you'd see the seams, but I do like the idea of being able to really open up the entire space. 

Right now I'm pulling images like a mad woman (the bottom three are probably the biggest contenders for what I want to do) and let's just file this one under "to be determined." If any of you have multiple glass door,s I'd love to know what you think. Any pros / cons? Anything you'd do differently? For the rest of us I pulled together some indoor / outdoor inspiration that truly makes my heart skip a beat. I don't remember exactly what it is they say about people in glass houses but I have one word for them; lucky! Xx

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