We Hired an Architect!!!

We met with an architect on Monday, and just like it was when we found our land this too was love at first sight. After I took one look at his portfolio and we went over all the details (size, style, budget) we left having hired him on the spot. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to find someone to see my "vision" and now I am 100 percent certain that not only will our home look and feel like I want, it will be so much better because we having someone so experienced and talented to pull it all together. 

Just take a look at some of the local work that he has done. While these aren't exactly what I'm looking for in our home, so many of the elements that I love are there and I'm so confident that we will be able to replicate most of the items on my wish list.

The absolute BEST part is the way the team works. Basically, once we get started I send in image after image of what I want in the house and then a 3D model is built that is to scale and we can actually put ourselves inside of the model and walk through the entire property. This process is done pre-plans and is where ALL the design decisions are made. The tile is chosen, the lighting selected, the tone of the wood... everything. We will go back and forth on this model until it's perfect and the plans will be drawn from there. Not only does he create the model but he also helps us source all the items and works with a interior designer in San Jose that will be able to help me find most of the things we need for the house. We don't pick furniture now but we do decide placement and style. Basically it's like Minecraft, but for adults. This is all done with out budget in mind and this team really does everything from design, to inspection, and they will even visit the site weekly and walk through with a video camera. Truly, it's exactly what we need and more than I ever expected. 

Here are some amazing models that they have done for other clients. 

I just can't believe how realistic these images are!!!

I've already warned my dad and husband that the day our final model is delivered they are probably going to have to peel me off the roof, I'm going to be so excited. I feel like this is exactly what we want / need to get this house done and I can now trust that it's going to be done so well. 

While we were with the architect we made a few other decisions. The main house is going to be about 3000 sq feet, with 3-4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We will have a 650 sq ft guest house and a big outside living room / patio area. We probably won't break ground until after the rainy season next year (around October) because I really don't want to rush the planning process. I think we will probably end up over our budget (but not by a ton) but we aren't sharing that so we can see what they will do with our maximum in mind. 

It's all so exciting, I really just want to get started! Tomorrow while my dad is still here we are going to visit the property with our architect and after that we start designing. This means I'm going to be pretty busy with house stuff for the next 6 months but man, I can't think of a better way that I'd want to spend my time. 

We have land. We have an architect... next stop a builder! #casaanderson is really happening! Xx