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I Want To Go There: Sunset Beach Shelter Island

My sister-in-law spent the weekend at Shelter Island and when I asked her how her trip was she replied "Perfect. We biked, we napped and we had tequila at lunch." She then sent me a picture of the restaurant where she said they had most of their meals and I almost fell over from cuteness overload. The picture was from Sunset Beach and after spending a few minutes on the hotel's website I can say that yes! I want to go there. And I want to go there badly. Like, can we go there NOW? #yellowandwhitestripesforthewin

Seriously, this place  really is perfection. I guess it should come as no surprise that the hotel is owned by hotelier Andre Blais who really can do no wrong in my book. My SIL mentioned that the main draw is the restaurant (as the hotel has no pool) and I can definitely see why. I really can't think of a better place to spend a warm summer evening (or heck, a better place to drink tequila at lunch!)

While lacking the aforementioned pool, I have to say the hotel itself is pretty incredible on its own. Those bananas stripes (no pun intended ;)) are carried through and the rest of the design is kept simple. I can't think of a more perfect place to nap after a day at the beach. 

I've heard from so many people that Shelter Island itself is just about as picturesque as it can get and right now it is topping my list of places to visit next summer. You can bet that Sunset Beach is going to be my first stop! Xx

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