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We Have Plans!!!!!

Last night I received just about the best gift ever (okay, other than this mind blowing sunset) when my dad emailed me a little teaser of our pre-plans for the Costa house. Seeing this, and being down here just makes it all feel so real!!!! They based these plans on my sketches (that alone is amazing) and they were really able to get in everything on my wish list. 

Yes!!!!! Even those arches that I have been dreaming about. #mydadjustgetsme

The above are the plans for the first floor and the guest house and below you can see the second floor.

In addition, there will be a third floor crow's nest and of course, the backyard / pool. They decided to leave those things for our architect but you can bet I already know what I'm doing there. ;) My dad said that the way the house is positioned, it's going to leave us with a ton of room for the backyard patio area. So much so that we will even be able to have a garden! Talk about a dream come true!

That isn't even the best part. The BEST part is that while walking through town we saw a boutique hotel that is being built and you guys, it is exactly the style I'm going for...even down to the navy patterned tile up the the walk! It's so close that I even said to my husband that I wonder if they read my blog! haha 

Ready for the craziest part? The architect was listed on the front and yep, it's the same guy that we are meeting with next week. The coincidence is totally random and I just can't believe how much easier it's going to make our build. We can literally just walk though and say, "yep, I want that... nope, change that!" 

My dad arrives on Thursday and then I can really get my hands on these plans. This is all so exciting and I still can't get over the fact that all of this is really being based on the ideas in my head. Okay, that and Pinterest. At first I was a little overwhelmed by the idea of building from scratch but now I am so happy we decided to go this route. This house is already more than we could have dreamed of and I just can't imagine what it is going to be like when we walk into the finished home for the first time! Just the idea gives me goosebumps!

So, so much more to come, but everything starts with a plan, right? Xx

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