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Glossier Haloscope

Ever since Jennifer Lopez burst on the scene I have been on a quest to re-create her dewy skinned appearance. Quest, journey, mission, crusade, search... whatever it is it has spanned decades and sadly, more than a few products have found themselves in the garbage (or worse under the sink) because they just didn't work.

Listen, I realize I'm not the only one here, you could probably fill a lake with the number of magazine articles that promise that dewey "glow." First it was all about doing it from the outside; moisturize! Then it was the inside; eat healthy, sleep! Then it was a slew of products promising, well, promising to work; bb creams, cc cremes! Finally, it became all about the highlighter stick and conturing.

I myself have fallen vicim to all of these, and for me some would work at times and some would just be "too much." I don't regularly wear makeup so when I would use the famed Nars highlighter on my face I kind of always looked like I either didn't wash my face from the day before or (and much worse) that I just left the club even though it was 10 am the next day! This is the problem with any product with glitter in it, it never really goes away! 

So, with this history I was a bit skeptical when I saw the new haloscope highlighters from Glossier. I've mentioned on this blog a few times that I am such a fan of the products this company makes but due to all of the above I am more than a little skeptical when a product promises to have finally cracked the code. Because the prices of their products resemble those from the drug store and not the department store (and yes, I'm obsessed with the skin of Glossier's founder Emily Weiss) I decided to give the new haloscope a try and ordered both colors. The idea is that one would be great with a tan in the summer (and of course, perfect for darker toned skin) and the other for the cooler months when my skin tends to take on a corpse like effect. Glossier's products are known to sell out fast, so I went for it. 

They arrived right before we left and can I just say GAME OVER! You guys... the secret to dewey skin has been found and it lies in a  $20 dollar stick! Who would have guessed it??? Just the tiniest swipe of this on the brow bone, and a dot in the corner of your eye and your cupid's bow and your face glows!!!! without looking oily in the least. The best part is that there is NO glitter, no grease... it really is a miracle product! 

I can't say enough about these sticks. If you have also been looking for that glow, I really think this is the answer! The only problem is going to be what to do with all the room you can now make under the sink! ;) Xx


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