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The Costa House: Arches + Builtins

I know I've talked endlessly about what my plans are for the outside of the Costa house (because as I've mentioned this is where we will spend the bulk of our time while living there) but I've also been giving a lot of thought to what some of the details are that I would like on the inside of the house; structurally.

There are two things that I would really like to have in the house and luckily I think they can actually be combined. The first is that I really want arches throughout the house, as a nod to the Spanish architecture that I love so much. Giving up the dream of a traditional Spanish beach house was a hard one, but ultimately I think it was the right (and more affordable) decision. Since I won't have arches on the outside of the home, I'd really like to try to incorporate them inside and yes, I want a lot of them. 

The second thing is really my #1 "must have," and that is floor to ceiling built-in bookcases. Back when I was redecorating our Boston house I convinced my husband that we didn't have room for a traditional bookcase (and in truth we didn't) and I donated all of our books. The latter is a decision that I have pretty much regretted since the day I did it. The thing was, between the two of us we just had so many books and really, we had no room to house them. We had payed to move them from apartment to apartment and in the end they were just sitting in (and completely taking up) our one and only in-building storage unit. Once our kids started growing, and we began reading studies like this one that discuss just how important it is that kids grow up in a house filled with books, I started kicking myself and since then we have again started collecting notable books. (Don't worry, my beach reads still live on my kindle.) We read so much when we are down here, and I really want my kids to live in a house that is filled with books, hence the need for some serious bookshelves. 

Bringing in the two of these together should be easy, right? While there is an endless amount of arched bookshelf inspiration out there, what I'm finding is that most of it lies in very traditional spaces. Slowly, I'm realizing that our house is going to be pretty modern and for me the key is to make sure that I stay true to that aesthetic. I've been scouring the internet for some "modern" inspiration and luckily it exists!

I've narrowed my search down to a few amazing inspiration images (shown below) and right now the top image is probably my favorite. I love the idea of having the bookshelves actually set into the wall, like the bottom image and I'm thinking that the key to keeping the arches looking modern is to make sure they are are on the wider side. I'm not sure if I want arches on the actual bookshelves, but I do like the idea of walking through the entry and having both walls lined with arched bookshelves, so let's just say I'm undecided. 

My dad is joining us down here in just a week and then we will be meeting with whom I hope will be our future architect. I realize we are pretty far away from making any concrete decisions on the interior of the house, but you can bet I'm adding this to my portfolio! If any of you stubbled upon some great, modern arched bookshelf inspiration, feel free to send it my way. Until then, this girl will dream and plot, dream and plot, rinse and repeat! Xx

P.S. I just have to mention the tragedy that happened in Orlando over the weekend. We are pretty shielded from the news down here and it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I heard about (the totally preventable) tragedy. Like the rest of the world my heart is absolutely breaking for everyone involved. I'm at such a loss when it comes to these horrific events, I really don't know what to do or say. I've marched against gun violence, I've donated money to the cause, I became a single issue voter the day the massacre at Sandy Hook occurred and still nothing has changed. All I can hope is that someone will do something and soon. Our children and citizens deserve better. Until then I join in the chorus. More love, less hate. 

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