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Feeling The Blues

Photo by Garance Dore

Prior to our recent trip, I purchased a new cobalt blue reversible one-piece bathing suit (shown below) and since we've arrived I have yet to take it off. The bright blue hue, coupled with just a hint of a tan makes me so incredibly happy that this color phobic girl is now wanting to be bathed in blue all summer long. The thing about blue (and this is true even when talking about a very bright blue) is that it can almost be considered a neutral. It pairs with pretty much every color in the rainbow and for the warmer months my pick will always be pairing the blues with a lot of white.

Below I've rounded up my favorite blue pieces of the season. You will see that some of these items come in other colors but right now this girl is truly feeling the blues. Xx


Edie Parker Beach Towels

The Costa House: Arches + Builtins