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Are Loafers The New Ballet Flat?

A random fact about me; I actually have very small feet. Like, weirdly small.

I'm about 5'7" and somehow I ended up with a size 6 shoe. My mom actually has very small feet, about a 4.5 or 5 so struggling to find shoes is actually something I'm pretty well versed in. Having small feet definitely comes in handy when you want to wear things like white sneakers or pointy shoes (no concern about clown shoes here) but it can backfire when you want to wear things like ballet flats. The curved toe actually makes my feet look smaller and if I'm not wearing skinny jeans, my lower half tends to mimic that of a toddler. Definitely not the look. I pretty much figured it was a lost cause, and happily wore my ballet flats until I saw a pair of loafers that Jenna Lyons was wearing on the night I met her.

They were a goldish silver and they were so cool, and obviously as soon as I found they were made by J. Crew I immediately picked up a pair for myself. (As did pretty much everyone else in the room). I figured that even if I never wore them, I could always display them because they were so beautiful, and really I just wanted a memento from that evening. Well, ever since those loafers stepped in my front door (ta-da!) they have been my go to shoe for almost every occasion. They dress up even my most beat up pair of jeans and they really do go with EVERYTHING. The menswear inspired loafer has that instant cool-girl effect and unlike the ballet flat the structure of the shoe actually makes any foot look better, even those of us who tend to be vertically (horizontally?) challenged in that area.

Here you can see some snaps of my beloved loafers and my "Jenna" inspired look. Below you will find my favorite loafers that are currently available. Yes, I want them ALL! 

Blazer (sold out ALC, similar here) // Pants (different color here)  // "JENNA" sweatshirt  // glasses

Just remember, when it comes to feet it's not the size that counts... all that matters is the shoe you put on them! ;) Xx

Photography by Jaimie Baird Photography *@JaimieBaird on Instagram. 

P.S. Looking for the best way to break in those loafers (or any shoes for that matter)? Try this trick: put on a thick sock and then the shoe you want to break in. Turn on a blow drier for a few minutes to warm the shoe and then walk around the house with the sock underneath for about 10 minutes. Works like a charm! 

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