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The South End House: The Boys' Rooms

Last week, you all got to see the before and after from the first floor of the South End brownstone that I recently finished, and now it's time to move up to the second floor- the boys' rooms. As I mentioned in my previous post, I took this job having never seen the house and I wasn't the only one... the owners hadn't even been in it themselves! When I first spoke with my client she had mentioned that there were two main priorities. The first was to pick all the paint colors before the painters arrived, and the second was to get the majority of the boys' rooms in a livable state.

The family was moving over from Paris with three little boys, all under the age of five, and we really wanted them to feel like this was their home when they walked in. We had about 10 days to get these rooms together, and get them together we did! Because of the time crunch I showed my client the room that my boys share and asked what she thought. Luckily, she loved it and since I easily knew where everything came from for that room, we decided to use some of the same elements so we could pull things together a little more quickly.  My goal for the two rooms was to make them feel similar (really, so no one felt slighted) but also to make them feel like they were special in their own way. The two are separated by sliding doors and both can be seen front the stairwell as you are walking to the higher floors (the entire brownstone is four floors and a roof deck).

I knew I really wanted to go darker in one of the kid's rooms so it really stood out from the other and after convincing my client (I really had to sell this one) she agreed to go with one of my favorite colors; Pitch Blue by Farrow and Ball. The idea was to keep the slight "French" theme in each of the rooms so I used some artwork from the Babar stories in that room, which the client already owned. To lighten the room I used a bright white roman shade with blue detail and we went with bedding that was a lighter blue and used sheets with white as the base to make them really pop. I wanted to warm the space up (the client didn't love the modern feel of the architecture) so I went with brass sconces and a plush rug that almost fills the entire room. The final result was a bright, fun space that definitely couldn't have been any more opposite from the neutral guest room that used to be housed there. Below you can see the before, and the after. 

furniture (client's own) // rug // bookcase // star sheeting // duvet cover //mobile // shade // sconce // Babar artwork // customizable pillow // Paint: Pitch Blue by Farrow and Ball 

For the other room, which is slightly smaller, I went with a lighter paint and darker accessories. The family owned a great Oeuf bookcase (not pictured) which we used in between the windows. This is the room of the oldest child and we really wanted to make sure he had a lot of room to play on the floor. I went with a dark, plush rug so he would be comfortable while playing with his beloved trains and a teepee for pretend play that could also be used as a quiet little reading nook. Again, I switched out the modern, white sconces for some brass ones and as a nod to Paris, I framed French flag. Over the bookcase I framed a french train poster in a red frame and did roman shades similar to what was in the room of his brothers. (My apologies for not getting a wide shot of the room!) 

furniture (client's own) // bookshelf (not pictured) // rug // teepee // sconce // roman shade (not pictured) // customizable pillow // duvet // sheets // Paint: Parma Grey by Farrow and Ball

Other than switching out the paint and the lighting, we did very little to change the actual room itself. This just goes to show how important accessories are and how you really can change an entire room (or in this case create one from scratch) affordably, with some great bedding and rugs. Again, this was all done in about two weeks and walking in you would never know it! These two spaces couldn't be more different than the "before" and luckily all three of the boys love their rooms just as much as I do. 

Stay tuned, next week I will be revealing the master bedroom and sitting room! Xx

After photography by Sabrina Quinn Cole, the before was from real estate listing. 

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