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That House!

I was trolling the internet for a post that talked about accenting with black when I stumbled upon this farmhouse that was designed by the House of Jade. Jaw dropping is the only thing that I can really say about this space. Not only this home accented with black perfectly, but every single room truly seems to outdo the next.

I could talk about this home all day long, but since the pictures are so amazing I will let them do all the talking. 

This kitchen is seriously so stunning. Without those statement pendants it would have been just an ordinary beautiful space but with them it becomes so memorable. I can't tell you how much I now want to use these lights in a project. Like, tomorrow. That vintage runner? Be still my beating heart. 

Another view of the kitchen and a great mud room. Black for the win in this house. 

I love how simple this living room is, and how by doing the fireplace in black the TV actually looks like it was part of the design. It's not easy to camouflage a TV by actually making it the star but somehow this design team managed to do just that. 

Storage bins were used perfectly in this house and I love that buffalo check on the bench. I'm not in love with the light over the bench but that center pillow certainly makes up for it. 

More black. More perfection. I could do without the faux taxidermy but really I'm just splitting hairs. I do like how you can see their reflection in the mirror and how it's definitely an unexpected accessory. I think I would have done a cool brass (or black) light fixture here. 

This room is EVERYTHING. I was just talking with a friend about doing some rooms for her kiddos in her new house and you can bet this is going to be the inspiration for one of them. I think right now this has to be my favorite kid's room on the planet

Not ONE thing I would change. Okay, I take that back... I would change me not living here. ;)

Another amazing child's room. I feel like I have seen this one on Pinterest 100 times and each time I find myself pinning it. I'm using the same wallpaper on a project now, except in blush, and can only hope it turns out this good. I also have to give huge props on that rug. I'm not sure I would have ever thought to use it and yet I can't imagine anything else being there.  

More black. More old and new. Same amazing attention to detail. 

Here is a little study that is so my jam. I love how minimal the design is in this room but yet it still feels warm. 

A crystal chandelier coupled with a black four poster bed... in a FARMHOUSE. I can't believe someone actually thought to put these elements together, and man, I sure am glad they did. 

Another adorable space. More black, more cuteness. I love how many things different textures are in this room (the sheepskin, the macramé, the fiddle leaf tree) and yet it still feels beautifully simple. This my friends is what GREAT design looks like. 

How about this home office? I'm pretty sure this space could get anyone excited about work. Oh, and don't even get me started on those doors. So, so, so GOOD.

I seriously could look at this home all day and I think what I like the most is just how unexpected it is. There seems to be a movement in the design world right now where everything looks sort of the same (and I certainly can fall victim to this) and yet every room in this house goes against that and is better because of it. I can't think of a stronger case for breaking the mold, or for using black!

Would you look at that... turns out this post may actually be about accenting with black after all. The short version? DO IT! Xx

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