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White Hot: White Sunglasses

Ever since I saw a piece on Celerie Kemble in Harper's Bazzar a few years back, I have been lusting after a pair of white sunglasses something fierce. It was one of those articles where a tastemaker talks about what they would pack in their bag and when I saw her unnamed pair I immediately fell in love. Over the years I have tried on a number of white sunglasses (yes, it's actually been quite the quest) but they either weren't white enough (more like creme or pearl) or they just didn't suit my face. When I received the most recent J.Crew catalog, and saw the white sunglasses glasses that were featured on almost every page, I just knew they were "THE ONE" and immediately placed my order. They came last week and truly / madly / deeply I  love them just as much as I thought I would. 

OF COURSE as I was going to post on them today, I saw that they are sold out (they still have other colors available, I love the mint too) so instead of just linking to those, I took a bunch of awkward pictures* of myself to prove just how cute they really are. Obviously, I couldn't leave you all hanging so I also rounded up the best of white sunglasses that are currently available at every price point. It's going to be almost 90 degrees this week in Boston so you know these guys are going to get their fair share of sun over the next few days.

*** UPDATE: There are a few more of the J. Crew ones left in stock! Get them before they are gone!

Now that I've found my perfect pair, what should a girl lust after next? Well, since you asked, the "perfect" white one-piece bathing suit is next on my list and you can bet when I find her, that I will be sharing... hopefully a little less awkwardly! Xx

* How is that every Kardashian can get 1000000 great selfies and this girl can't even get one??????

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