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The Costa House: Getting Started

Having never built a house from the ground up before, saying that I'm intimidated when it comes to getting started on the Costa house is a definite understatement. Terrified might be a better word. Luckily, my father is a project manager by trade and he has spent his career overseeing multimillion dollar projects, so for him this is just another day at the office. For the past few weeks he had been talking with me about his desire to get the footprint of the house nailed down before we meet with the architect, and while in theory I knew what that meant, I wasn't really sure where to start. On Friday, he gave me a little homework for the weekend and that was to put pen to paper and draw out what the elements are that we really wanted on each floor of the house. Up until now I had been sending him images daily, thinking it would be helpful but I quickly learned that to be on the same page, we both really needed to be looking at the same page. I took my task very seriously and over the weekend this is what I came up with.

Behold the beginning of the Costa house. 

Okay, so ignoring my amazing artistic talent (sarcasm) this is the general idea for the first floor. The front of the house will face the road (which is on the top of a narrow hill, shaped like a curved index finger) and the back (where your fingernail would be) is a drop off into endless jungle (aka  VIEWS!) We should have 360 degree views from the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor crow's nest, but on the first floor all the action is really happening in the back of the house. Because of that, I placed the garage and board room (for surfboards) in the front of the house and the kitchen, living room, and guest room in the back of the house. I want to have three huge moveable doors so we can truly have that indoor / outdoor feel and since we are on the top of a hill this should also give us the breeze that you so desperately need down there. Of course, while showing this to my dad over FaceTime he pointed out that I really didn't leave room for the stairway and bathroom and I completely forgot the laundry room; but hey, at least it's a start. 

As you can see, most of the real estate is being left for the outside (this is Costa Rica after all) and really it's going to come down to what fits (we have 1/3 acre to work with that is almost a perfect rectangle.) Having spent over a decade down there we have learned that we are NEVER in the house unless we are resting or sleeping, so most of our time will be spent on the patio and in the pool. For this reason I want to make sure that area is really tricked out and in the end it's just going to come down to what will fit. 

The second floor was much easier, since it's mostly bedrooms and the one that I really I care the most about the boys' room. Everything will face the jungle and for now the idea is that we will have a few windows face out over the road (where again we should be able to get views the opposite direction) and those will likely be above the hallway. We are putting an extra guest room in-between the boys' room and ours, and for now the two will share a bathroom. My husband's one request is a glass shower that faces the jungle, so really it's just trying to configure that space to see if it will work. 

I'm still sold on the idea of having multiple bunks in the boys' room (my fiends have a lot of kiddos) so that will likely be the largest room on the second floor. I'm debating giving them a balcony as well, but I worry that in the end it will be more stress than it's worth. (Knowing my kids I'm sure they would find a way to jump from it INTO the pool.)

So, that's the general idea. I told my dad I am in no way tied to this exact plan, but it's nice to see that (technically) we should be able to fit everything that we want in the house. Right now we are thinking about 2800 square feet for the main house, and then a smaller guest house with a mini kitchen and bathroom. Of course, I am a very visual person and I couldn't just send the drawings, so I also pulled some of my favorite inspo images with little notes about what I like on each. Somehow I have a feeling that this should be called inspo one of one hundred. 

Seriously, just seeing this all in one place gets me so unbelievably excited. If our home can look anything like the "plan" then I am going to be one happy homeowner. I know the end is a long way off but I have to say it does feel great to be getting started! There is so much more to come, so stay tuned!!! Xx 

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