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Current Obsession : Striped Pants

When I was in Miami a few weeks back, I stopped in at my favorite store (on the planet) The Webster and after trying on a few things I spotted a pair of linen striped pants that I knew would instantly be mine. I wanted to wear them out of the shop, I loved them so, but instead wore them to dinner that night, and on the plane the next day, and well, pretty much every day since. (Can you say best birthday present to self, ever???) It's funny, because one would not think of striped pants as a neutral item but I have to say, they really do  go with everything! I've worn them with gray, black, and white sweaters. I've worn them with tanks that were navy and black, and of course I've worn them with my beloved bodysuit. Considering how much I love pattern mixing, you know I plan to wear these with my floral blouses and right now I'm actually wearing them with my "Jenna" sweatshirt. In short, I am obsessed with the striped pant right now. 

Now, I know what you are all thinking... is this really something that can be pulled off or is this better left to those in the circus? My answer is yes!!!! The beauty of the (vertical) striped pant is that it makes your legs look about 100 miles long AND the stripes are actually very slimming because the pattern really distracts from everything else. Still don't believe me? He is a little striped pant inspiration and below you can see my favorites that are available right now by clicking the arrows on each side of the image. (click the picture itself to be taken directly to the site).

Now that I own a pair of striped pants, I can't even remember what life was like without them. Okay, that's a lie, but I do remember it being not as fun, ;) With summer just around the corner I can't think of a better look for those long, warm evenings spent outside. Just add a pair of leather sandals and a glass of rosé and sit back and think about how cute you look in those striped pants! #sorry #notsorry Xx


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