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I Rented The Runway (and lived to tell the tale!)

A few weeks ago my husband mentioned that we had an event to attend and even though my brother-in-law was going to be in town, it was something that we needed to make an appearance at for work purposes. He knew little about what the evening entailed, other than that it was a gala, and after peppering him with questions about what the women should wear (and conferring with my fabulous girlfriends) I decided that I needed to wear a long dress. While I like to claim that I have an outfit for every occasion, I rarely if ever have the need for a gown and really this has been the last thing that I have ever wanted to spend money on.

At a loss, I had remembered reading positive reviews from people who used Rent The Runway and I decided to check out the selection on the site in the hope that I would find something that would "work." Well, not only did I find something that would work, I actually found a Badgley Mischka dress I loved and after speaking with an awesome sales assistant on the phone I had a dress and cuff ordered in less time than it would have taken me to find parking at a store downtown. I was promised that both items would arrive two days before our event and sure enough they arrived on Thursday. They even included an additional size of the gown, just in case the first one didn't fit, but luckily the one I ordered fit like a glove. I was so excited that I had a gown (really an entire outfit) for less than $150 dollars and the best part is that entire thing was SO easy.  

So, the dress. I know what you are thinking... pink? Me? She who is afraid of color? I know, talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! I wanted to go with color because in this case I actually thought that the fuchsia would be the safe choice. Since this is Boston, I knew everyone would be wearing black and while a short black dress is typically okay for a black tie optional event, a long black gown can often be too formal. By wearing a brighter color in a longer silhouette I figured I would be appropriately dressed no matter how fancy the evening turned out to be. Ultimately the dress was perfect, and I swear I've never received more compliments in my life. The best part was that it was also incredibly comfortable and I really felt great in it. I paired it with a borrowed clutch from my best friend (who has a bag collection that would make gown women cry) and a pair of black satin heels that my husband got me for my first Mother's Day. Funny enough he ended up wearing the tie we got him for his first Father's Day so at least we can say these things have stood the test of time! 

I was talking with my SIL about the service given that she had just returned from a trip to Paris and we were discussing how great it would be to rent a slew of outfits if you were traveling somewhere that was a different climate or that is more formal than your everyday wardrobe. Rent the Runway actually has an http://rstyle.me/n/bqees64q3e

which gives you as many outfits that you'd like month and you basically just return them like you would with Netflix DVD- no dry cleaning required. Considering that I am luckily if I switch from my yoga clothes to jeans each day I'm probably not the target customer, but if you had a job where you need to turn it on each day or if you travel extensively I think this is such a genius idea. As in, why didn't we think of this??? The service even offers wedding and prom dresses which is amazing! Does this mean kids these days don't have to swap dresses with their friends each season like we all did? Do they even know how good they have it???? ;) ]

Seriously though, I can't say enough great things about my experience and I will absolutely do this again next year when our invitation arrives in the mail. It is definitely going to be hard to top this year's dress, but if anyone is up to the challenge you can bet it's me! ;) Xx

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