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A Cozy Boston Roof Deck : The Reveal

A few months ago one of my favorite clients contacted me about putting together a seating area for their private roof deck, which is located in the heart of downtown Boston. I had just wrapped the rest of their stunning home (photos coming soon, I promise!) so this was an easy task since I already had in my mind what the "feel" of the space would be. For the interior we used a lot of blue hues and multiple patterns (y'all are shocked, right?) and I really wanted to carry this to the outside areas, especially the roof deck which is right off their master and sitting room. For a brief second we played with really mixing things up and going bold with reds and oranges but in the end we both decided to stick with our beloved blues so one space really flowed to the next and now that it's in, I can say this was definitely the right choice. 

My client is a dream client in that she really lets me run with an idea once I have one. Going into this my only limitation was that it needed to be budget friendly. She mentioned that she really doesn't like the look of outdoor furniture, even the high end offerings, so I was tasked with finding something that wouldn't break the bank but that would still look like it did. My mind immediately went to Target and after a visit to the store I decided to go with their Smith and Hawken line and mix it with pillows from pricier stores so it would look expensive without actually being so.

To give a pop of color in the sea of blues I decided to use the rose bushes they currently owned to flank the sofa, and opposite the sitting area I potted some lemon trees (not pictured) which will go next to a bar that we have yet to decide on. Once the trees boom there will be a nice pop of yellow and the bonus is their three young boys will be able to make their own lemonade all summer long! Since lemon tress love sun, the roof deck is a perfect place for them and according to the salesman they should grow 12-15 feet which will also give the family a little privacy. 

I installed the deck on Friday (please pardon the iPhone pics) and could not have been more excited! My client was on the plane back from an international trip and I spent the entire afternoon praying the rain would hold off until she got home so she could see it all together in its glory! Luckily it did, and with the beautiful weather we've been having we truly got this together just in the nick of time.

Below you can see some more shots of the space (and that view!!!) and I listed all the sources which consist only of big box stores. We ended up ordering a second armchair for the space to provide some extra seating for guests and now all that's left is to plan a big party to let everyone up there to enjoy it! You know I'm going to be the first to sign up!!! Xx

sofa // chair // side table (the lid is removable for storage)  // coffee table // rug // armchair pillow // striped pillow // ikat pillows // poufs

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