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Rediscovering The Bodysuit

I distinctly remember the first time that I walked into a Wet Seal store. I was about 15 years old and the move Clueless had just come out. I was with my step-mom and we were going back to school shopping and I had just moved from a school that had a pretty strict dress code. My new school was a block from a beach and the only thing really required for class was a pair of shoes (and really, that wasn't even enforced). I recall looking at the racks of brightly colored clothes and short, short shorts and thinking "YES!!!!!" I had finally found my teenage Mecca. 

I left that day with multiple pairs of shorts that spanned every color in the rainbow and a week's worth of floral bodysuits. I remember felling like a million dollars and I swear I thought I was Cher from the movie. This my friends was what teenage dreams were made of. At the time bodysuits were the "in" thing and man, I wore those until the snaps fell off. I pretty much dressed like this until I entered my preppy phase in college and looking back I am wondering how that even happened.

Over the following decades I had completely disregarded the bodysuit and it was only when I dropped by my best friend's house a few weeks ago and saw her wearing a great black one under some green army pants that I remembered how much I actually missed mine! Like, mourned its loss. Here is the thing about a great bodysuit, it really goes with EVERYTHING. High waisted jeans?  Check. Wide-legged pants?  Check. Shorts and skirts? Check and check. Under suits.... you get the idea. It is such a perfect basic and unlike with a traditional tee you ALWAYS look polished when wearing one. (bonus: you don't get those little holes in your shirt from the button of your pants.)

Of course, after seeing my friend I made it my mission to find the perfect one and this ended up being a little harder than I thought. I took advantage of Shopbop's free shipping / return policy and truly tried on my fair share. Like in the book the Three Little Bears I eventually found one that fit just right and I immediately ordered a second. Since then I have lived in it, usually pairing my bodysuit with my favorite pants EVER and under an up button down left open or cardigan. In a few months I'm pretty sure I will be looking back on this as my spring uniform. I've never gotten more compliments than I have while wearing it (I swear that wearing a body suit actually makes you carry yourself like ballerina) and I'm having all the same feels that I did when I was that (awkward) teenager. 

Below you will find some bodysuit inspiration and this is the one that I am in love with. The biggest issue with these is the bra situation (unless you are a Kardashian and are happy to go au naturel) and this one works perfectly under a bodysuit. It's so funny how wearing something from your past can really drudge up old memories and honestly anything that makes me feel like I'm fifteen again is always 100% in my book. Xx 

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