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Sweet little Hair Clips

There is nothing more that I love than being the mother to two little boys. They are fun, crazy, loud (sometimes a little too loud) and they always keep me on my toes. Of course, when I found out that our second was going to be a little boy my initial reaction was mourn the fact that I would never have a little mini me, but that was quickly erased by the idea of a little mini me for Liam, and honestly I can't imagine our life any other way.

When the boys were little I never really minded that I was missing out on one of the more fun parts of having a little girl, the clothes, because little boy clothes are just so cute these days. (Nautical stripes anyone?) Now that the boys are getting older, I have to say I'm feeling it a little bit more because my oldest will only dress in Under Armour every second he is out of school (his required uniform is a tie and blazer) and the little one refuses to wear anything without a character on it. (Minecraft, Batman, Star Wars... you name it, the kid loves it.) Let's just say both are a far cry from the stripes and knee socks that I pushed during their infancy.

Luckily, almost three years ago my best friend gave me the most amazing gift when I was named the Godmother to to her beautiful baby girl and now I have my chance to pick out all the little things that I have always made my heart skip a beat upon viewing. Usually, when I stumble on something my first reaction is to ask if it comes in my size, and sometimes I swear I'm going to get a toothache because some of the things out there for little girls are just so sweet, I really can't stand it.

Case in point these ADORABLE little hair clips from the British company Meri Meri. As soon as I saw these I knew I had to get them for my Goddaughter's upcoming 3rd birthday and when they arrived last night I my heart broke a little just looking at them. At $7 dollars a set they are one of those little gifts that would be so nice to receive, but also such a relief because you don't have to cry when they get lost, as most hair clips inevitably tend to do. I obviously couldn't help myself when choosing because there wasn't a bat, a team logo, or a creeper in sight. 

Here are a few of my favorites that are currently offered (okay, it's almost all of them because THEY ARE SO CUTE) and since I know my best friend will be reading this I won't tell you which ones I chose. If you are looking to get some for the little lady in your life you can find the entire set here. Just be warned, you are going to want them ALL. Xx

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