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My Sister's Wedding: The Groom & Groomsmen

I feel like one of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding is deciding what the groom and groomsmen are going to wear. If you are planning a traditional wedding where a tux is expected than things are a little easier, but if you are going for a casual wedding then things can definitely get trickier. When your groom is 6'5" things can be a lot trickier.

Here's the rub, with bridesmaids there are endless options of dresses on the market, and yes! most of these can now actually be worn after the wedding. For the groom the option is basically to buy a suit and in most cases it's the groomsmen that are buying their own suits, so you want something that is inexpensive without it looking cheap. Not an easy task by any means.

I still remember when my husband was (happily) a groomsman a few years back and the suit that he needed to buy was going to be too short. He was a head taller than anyone else and we were able to let the hem out enough for it to be "okay" for the big day, but it definitely wasn't something he was going to wear after. Obviously, he didn't mind (and the salvation army was donated a great suit) but still, it wasn't ideal. Prior to my sister's wedding I had attended another wedding on the North Shore and in it all the men wore navy blazers and khaki pants with matching ties. I though this was such a great idea because what man doesn't already have khaki pants and a white button down? When discussing the details with my sister I mentioned this and both she and the groom loved the idea. We decided that we would find blazers which the groomsmen would purchase and then they could wear them their own dress shirts and pants. Since it was a beachy wedding we went with boat shoes and considering that this is New England most of the men had those as well.

Originally, we thought we were going to go with a navy blazer but the same day we found my sister's dress we also found a great grayish / blueish seersucker like blazer. It was from J. Crew and at the time it was something like 40% off. We immediately bought the groom's (similar one here) and went online to get matching ones for the groomsmen. It was so easy and at that point all that was left was to figure out the ties. Since my sister was (secretly) wearing a blush dress we really wanted a blush tie to set the groom apart from the groomsmen. I found a random one through a link on pinterest (this site pretty much has every color imaginable) and even though it wasn't an exact match we thought the two together would be beautiful. The ties for the groomsmen were a little more difficult to track down (we originally  thought we wanted to match our peacock dresses) but in the end we found an amazing floral tie from Bonobos (similar here) and decided they would be even better than a solid option! The bride and groom gifted the ties as a thank you for being in the wedding and luckily all the guys liked them! The end look was so perfect and really ended up being exactly what we had envisioned. Okay, and it didn't hurt that my sister's husband actually looks like a J. Crew model. ;) 

Out of all the different pieces in the wedding planning process this was definitely the one I was most worried about because fashion for men can be such a personal thing. Looking back (it's been almost a year!) I can't imagine the guys being dressed any other way and I'm so grateful that my sister's husband trusted us to make the choice for him! Xx

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