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A Weekend In Miami

In just six short days my best friend and I are sneaking off to Miami for the few days and honestly I could not be more excited about anything more in the world than I am about this trip, It's no coincidence that next weekend also happens to be Mother's Day (and my 37th birthday) and I can think of no better way to celebrate than with cocktails on the beach (and pool, and at dinner, lunch... breakfast???) with the person who is one of the brightest lights in my life. Together, we are amazing travel companions and I think it's because we both always come from a place of yes. As in yes, I'll take another, yes, I'd love a nap, yes let's do (insert here,) and really we are just so happy to be away from it all (she has 4 kids!!!) that we typically have no agenda when we are traveling other than to relax. Obviously, Miami is the perfect place to chill AND let loose and Maria was so wonderful, she pretty much let me plan the whole trip and is happy to go along for the ride. 

When I am traveling somewhere I really come from the school of less is more so I use the term "plan" loosely. All I really care about when going somewhere is where we stay (not really the room but just the hotel in general) and where we will eat dinner. I leave everything else up to chance and there is nothing more that I love than walking around a new city and "discovering" something unexpected. My husband and I were just in Miami in September (my first trip!) so I had a little bit of an idea of where I wanted to stay (South Beach vs Downtown) and eat so booking things for this trip was definitely easier than it has been for others. 

I asked a good friend who is often in Miami where in South Beach he thought we should say (there are so many amazing options) and he said that without question I would love the Soho Beach House. He described it as "totallly my style" and as having a scene without being too "sceney." This is the thing when you are older, you tend to want to people watch and feel like you are part of things, but sadly my table dancing days are behind me and the last thing I want is to hear a loud party when I am trying to catch up on my (much needed) beauty sleep. After a few minutes on the hotel's site I knew he absolutely nailed it and immediately booked us a room. The hotel is so cute, warm, slightly bohemian... my design esthetic to a tee and I am just so excited to see it all in person. If the site does any justice to the space then we are absolutely in for a real treat. Here is just a little bit of what we have in store for us. 

Other than baking ourselves in the sun (I joke with her that the only decision she is going to need to make each day is pool... or beach...) we also have plans to eat at some fantastic restaurants. We will be dining that the hotel's restaurant Cecconi's, which I have heard amazing things about, and also at the Continental and Juvia, the latter of which I went to on my last trip and was blown away. I've been told that the Broken Shaker at The Freehand is great for drinks and we will definitely be making our way to the Delano for happy hour (although I also heard The Thompson can be super fun). On my last trip my SIL turned me on to the store The Webster and I seriously had to walk out after 20 minutes because I would have bought ALL the pretty things. For the other 20 hours a day I plan on lounging by the pool and sleeping although I'm guessing the first is a lot easier to do in Miami than the second. Usually I am a last minute packer, but I am so flipping excited that I've already started laying things out in the hope that time will speed up! 

Since I am pretty much a Miami newbie, I'd love to hear from some of you regulars. Is there anywhere that I'm missing that you think is a must see? Any thoughts on the hotel? Please feel free to share in the comments! Over the years you all have given me such amazing suggestions and as you know I'm always happy to pass them on when I return! Xx

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