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The Big Bad Coverup Roundup

 Image via Who What Wear

Image via Who What Wear

Growing up as a surfer girl in Southern California bathing suits were a very big deal. I remember going to the local surf shops to scour the shelves and then babysitting in my neighborhood until I had exactly enough to afford the new suit. I would then strut (because you know, teenagers strut) down to the beach and I'm not kidding when I say I would think I was the shit. Like, nothing could touch me because I had on a new bathing suit and I (thought) I was so fly. At the time the ones by Roxy with the boy-cut bottoms were my jam and I seriously felt like I was a supermodel when I would get a new one. Well, I guess not that much has changed because sometimes I will still get something new and walk the beach absolutely loving myself, but unlike in my youth what really gets me going now is a good coverup. 

It's not like I don't like being in a bathing suit, I pretty much spend 16 hours a day in one when were are in Costa, it's more that I don't like feeling so exposed all the time. Exposed to sand, the wind, to the kids, to the bugs and let's be honest, things have certainly stretched and moved since having kids (oh, and we aren't even going to talk about random hairs that suddenly appear after the age of 35, okay) and really I just want to coverup when I get out of the water. For me that means always having a pair of linen pants or a sarong on hand and lately I've been reaching for all my beachy jumpsuits way more than my dresses. Right now my go-to look for the beach / poolside is an oversized sheer button up (the two below from J.Crew are my favorites) left unbuttoned over a suit (I wear both two and one pieces) with a pair of patterned, slouchy pants and sandals. You still keep cool but you also look cool and I like being able to run around with the kids and not worry so much about things bouncing around (or worse... popping out!)

Because one can never have too many coverups I really couldn't help myself when picking my favorites of the season so below you will find everything I'm loving that's also available right now. As you can see I either like things super muted or super bright and really when it comes to the beach I'm not afraid of a tassel or two (or 20!). To view all my picks hit the arrow on each side of the image and clicking the picture will take you directly to the site. Even though it's raining and freezing here in Boston today, I keep reminding myself that summer really is just around the corner and soon enough it will be bathing suit weather again. Until then we can shop! Xx

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