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Fabric Hoarding

Over the weekend my sister-in-law was in town to celebrate our upcoming birthdays (we were actually born on the same day, one year apart!) and since we are a lot closer to 40 than we are to 30, our celebrating entailed facials, pedicures, a boozy lunch, dinner with the kids and me going through my guest room closet (drink in hand of course) to let her in on my dirtiest secret; I am a bit of a fabric hoarder.

Obviously, this isn't exactly how we planned for the night to go but considering my husband was out of town, I can't think of a more exciting way to cap off what's been a pretty incredible year. Yes, I think I may actually love my fabric that much BUT it's also pretty funny when you consider that many of our past birthdays have been celebrated by dancing on banquettes in NYC so if this doesn't show that we are almost ready for adulthood then I'm not sure what will. 

So, my fabric. I say it's my dirty little secret because in every aspect of my life I am not a hoarder. I don't keep samples from Sephora. The second my kids grow out of / stop playing with something I give it to my sister for her future children (she is luckily enough to have a basement). I clean out my closet seasonally and try not to overbuy... you know the drill. Since we live in a small apartment I try to keep our footprint small and one would think that there wouldn't really be room to keep yards and yards of fabric in this space.

Well, they would be wrong.

In our guest room there is a small closet with builtins and while this is technically my husband's closet, he only  uses about 1/8 of it so there is quite a bit of room for all our towels, bedding, and yes, my fabric. A few years ago I began to follow this blog The Designer's Attic. Shannon (from Pink Wallpaper) sells the leftover fabric that she has from her design projects and she sells it cheap. Usually $20-50 dollars a yard and this is for fabric that is often 5 times that price. When I would see something I would like aI would buy it. I always figured that I would make pillows out of it, or sell it to a client, but up until now just owning it made me super happy. I was sure a project would come up and while there was often an eye roll from the people I would show it to (my husband) I am happy to report that a project actually has come up (the Costa house!) and I am so excited to finally get to use all my pretties. 

Why was I showing them all to my SIL?

Well, I actually forgot all about them. (Hanging my head in shame.) Yes, I have a ton of fabric but I can also be pretty amazing at organizing so I had a ton of boxes stacked with fabric but those boxes were underneath all my #BOSSLADIES products so like they say, out of sight is out of mind. I wanted to show my SIL these awesome pillow cases I got for the two guest rooms in the Costa house (I know I said I wouldn't buy anything for the house but they were marked down so low I had to) and while I was moving boxes I got a peek at my fabric. Cut to me pulling it all out, rolling around on it like Demi More in Indecent Proposal and then packing it all up. As I was packing it my SIL (who is a genius) commented that since I know what I want to do with the fabric I might as well have the pillows made now (I use this company locally and LOVE them) and then I can store the completed cases in a rubbermaid bin until the house is built which would give me my guest room closet back. (I did say she was a genius didn't I?)

So that's exactly what I am going to do, but first I thought I'd share my plans with you all (which really is just a reason to show off my prized collection.) Indulge me, won't you. 


First the pillows that started it all. While not exactly "fabric," they are going in the Costa guest rooms. I'm planning on doing two guest rooms with two queen beds in each. Because I'm keeping things simple (white walls, wood beams and windows, and a Spanish tile floor) I want to keep the bedding clean and soft. I'm thinking white sheets with one of these pillows on each bed and a coordinating cotton blanket on the foot of the bed. I'll hang something cool on the wall and pretty much call it a day. These pillows from Serena and Lily are almost a towel material and they are perfect for what I envision. 

Now the fabric. These were the first two fabrics that I bought and honestly I can't even remember what I planned to do with them. While they photograph as a mustard they are actually a chartreuse in person. They are an indoor / outdoor fabric by Trina Turk and obviously this fabric would be amazing for our outdoor living room/ pool area and luckily I have a quite a bit of fabric in both prints. 

Originally, I was thinking I'd love to pair these with black and white loungers like this...

But now I'm thinking the way to go would be to carry through the blue in the house and do something like this mixing in the yellow with some navy and turquoise blue. Very Palm Springs(esq) don't you think?

For our master I plan on using another Trina Turk fabric and again do a white sheet and coordinating blanket. The fabric has such a cool medallion that I'm thinking I'd like to do three euro pillows to really take advantage of the print.

In my head I'm thinking something like this/

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even remember that I owned this next fabric so when I opened the box I actually squealed. This is from Kravet and a few years back I was able to get two yards of it for $20 dollars each. I think I have just enough to make pillows for the eight bunk beds and I'm thinking I will do the backing in a turquoise and white stripe. With white sheets and a baby blue blanket I think it will look so fun and will be beachy but also kind of sweet.  

I'd love to do something just a little smaller than these and I'm still sold on the bunk design below (4 beds on each wall facing each other). 

My last lot of fabric is a big one. I'm not sure how much I have but it's at least eight yards. I had purchased it when I thought I wanted to do a built in banquette in the house but since we recently got a new dining room table I've scrapped that Idea. It's hard to see it here, but this is actually the most beautiful light blue velvet and it's so soft. I'm thinking of having it treated and using it in the living room with a sofa and hanging rattan chairs. I think I will have our builder make us a daybed base and then I can make a cushion like the one below to create a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. 

Finally a plan for all my fabric! I'm so excited to get these cases made and even more excited that the final products will take up very little room in our house. I can buy inserts in-country, when the time comes, and at least I can have an idea of where I'm going as far as the overall feel of the rooms. I keep telling myself this does NOT mean that I fill that closet with more accessories for the costa house. No way.

Nope, not going to do it... Well, unless it's a really good deal... Like insanely good.... Or something that is going out of stock.... or a one of a kind piece. ;) Xx

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