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The Costa House: The Tile

  ^^^ This outdoor shower situation is ABSOLUTELY happening in the costa house ^^^

^^^ This outdoor shower situation is ABSOLUTELY happening in the costa house ^^^

Tile! It's probably the one word that my husband and father (and some of you readers) will never want to hear again after we finish building the Costa house and for that I'm truly sorry, but actually #notsorry. 

I really am trying not to get to ahead of myself when it comes to the decorating part of the house considering that we haven't even started on the plans yet, but because there isn't really anything else happening with the house until summer, of course it's all I can really think about. (Patience is trait I am seriously lacking). Because of this it took everything in me not to buy up all rattan pieces in Target's new spring collection because (I know) we don't even have a house and (I know) it's in another freaking country! So yes, I eventually came to my senses and put it all back. But TILE... tile is one thing that I know I am going to have in the house (and in every single room) and since it's going to be one of our biggest expenditures other than the windows, I feel like it's okay to start pulling images of things that I like in the hope that I can ship/ find something similar down there when the time actually comes to install all my pretties.

Here's the thing with the house, it's going to be very simple design wise (down there less is most definitely more) and since we won't have bathtubs (there will be a pool and jacuzzi for relaxing) or glass shower doors (can you say mold?) a lot of the spaces can really be defined with some killer tile. Given that I am such a HUGE fan of patterned tile this is obviously my dream come true and you can bet I'm planning on doing floor to ceiling tile in various prints (and in blue hues) in all the different rooms. In the bathrooms I'd love to do something exactly like in the first image where it runs almost to the ceiling and into the shower and in the master I'm thinking I would like to do a complete glass wall that faces the jungle and tile pretty much everywhere else floor to ceiling similar to the green shower in the third row.

In the kitchen I want to do something with a bold print (yep, in blue) and have it run from the backsplash through the outdoor patio to the pool. That way when you look at the back of the house, and through the glass doors, the two spaces will look like they are actually one. I also want some cool tile up the staircase (at least on the outside of the house) and as I mentioned under that first image above, that outside shower situation is most definitely happening. I originally wanted to see if we could do a patterned tile in the pool (is that even possible?) but have since decided that a bright blue is the way to go so the water always looks crystal clean. 

Below you can see a little of my inspiration for the decorative tile. As you can see bold and blue is what I have on my mind and with white walls and wood trim I feel like even without any furnishings the house would look full and lived in. The best part is that tile is obviously great in a tropical climate to combat moisture and it will make cleaning will be a breeze. 

Of course the only thing that is better than a lot of tile is even more tile. A lot of houses down there have polished concrete or wood floors but neither of this appeal to me that much (especially the wood after all issues we've had with moisture in our Cambridge home) so I'm going to give a nod to my original Spanish design and go with an oversized, traditional Spanish tile for the rest of the house. I wish I could say I did it first, but I actually saw the tile I want when we stayed at The Harmony and you can bet I was sold on it then. 

Now comes the less fun part, actually sourcing all this tile. I'm actually hopping I can find an artisan who lives locally who could create the tile for me or I'm thinking so long as I find a few batches of blue and white tile, I could actually create some fun designs myself with the layout. While I was down in March I found someone who is going to help us with all the fixture shopping and he said I should have some luck with patterned tile and of course there is always the option to ship. Where there is a will there is a way and you can bet my will is strong on this one! Xx

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