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An Ode to the Picture Light

Last year when I started decorating my best friend's apartment (which by the way I shot last week and I cannot wait to show you all how it turned out) the first room we started with was the living room. In it she had a piece of what I like to call real art, that her husband had bought her for her anniversary the year prior and I based my plan for the living room solely off that piece. In the end design I obviously wanted to really highlight the piece so we moved it to a wall that all of the furniture faces and we added a picture light over the top (or what I have incorrectly referred to as a library sconce all this time). It's such a simple and affordable thing, and it can really make any piece of art sing, whether it's "real" or not.

I've since used a picture lights in projects that range from kids bedrooms to family rooms and I'm always amazed at how it can make an affordable piece of art look really high-end. The added bonus is that it also provides a nice soft light source in the evening. Now, I realize that not everyone is ready for the commitment of a hard wired piece and I was so happy to find that there are actually battery operated versions that are perfect for those renting or for anyone who doesn't want to deal with an electrician (me me me!) If you have a piece of art (or bookshelf/ cabinet/ etc) in your home that you really want to highlight, I cannot say enough about the drama that a picture light will bring to the room. My favorites are in brass but they come in a number of styles and finishes and some of the best are actually remote controlled.

Below I've rounded up some of my favorite picture lights at various price points and *BO signifies lights that do not need to be wired. As they say, let there be light, and in this case let that light be a library sconce (err picture light)! Xx

one $264 (available in multiple finishes) // two $180 (available in multiple finishes) *BO // three $268 (available in multiple finishes) // four $184 (also available in black) *BO // five $384 (available in multiple finishes) // six $184 (available in multiple finishes ) *BO // seven $89 *BO // eight $536 (available in multiple finishes)

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