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The Costa House: The Front of the house

I don't want to jinx myself but I'm pretty sure we have found our architect for the Costa house! When we were down in March I was able to sit down with a local PM and show him a little of what I had in mind design wise. One, so I could make sure that my "spanish modern" vision was actually possible and two, so I could have him refer me to a local architect who he thought would fit best. Immediately when he saw my vision he said he knew the perfect man for the job, and a few emails later we now have an on site meeting with my dad and an architect in June. The fact that this is actually happening is still so mind blowing to me and at the same time I just wish I could fast forward time because I really want to live in this house so badly! Baby steps, I know. 

Before out meeting I was advised to pull as many images that I could for what I was looking for- and for specific things. Entries, stairwells, garages, pools... etc. For someone who loves Pinterest this was a task I happily took on and one of the first things I did was try to nail down what I envision for the front of the house. It's funny, because for most houses the front is really the focus of your design since it's what people usually see from the street, but for our purposes it is the back that is actually where I have been focusing all of my attention.

The way the land is, the front of the house is off a little dusty road, on the top of the hill and can best be described as a peninsula. Imagine your index finger curving and our house would be the fingernail. From the first floor, out the front, all you see is the road and the house across the street BUT from the back you have views as far as the eye can of the juggle and hopefully the ocean. (From the second floor we will have ocean / jungle views both directions). Given that set up, obviously the back is where we want the pool, all the glass windows, and our outdoor living and the front really is an afterthought. Here is a little of what I have in mid for the back of the house so you can see what I am planning. Seriously, pinch me. 

For the front I feel like I really want it to be chunky and block like, mostly for dust but also for security. I almost want it to look like a fortress when you first see the house to give off that "keep moving, there is nothing to see here" vibe since petty theft is really the only concern where we are building. One would think that I would be leaning heavily on Spanish design given the original inspiration for the home, but I've now found that I am definitely going to be taking my cues from Palm Springs and specifically adopting a mid-century design for the front of the house. Not only is it so perfect for our purposes but I feel it will also give a nod to the 60's feel that Nosara oozes. I also love that that we wouldn't need a ton of landscaping in the front- prefect for a house set on a dirt road! Below you can see a little of what I have in mind, and yes!!! a bold front door is a MUST. Right now I'm thinking a Moroccan blue but I'm not going to lie, that pink door on the top of the post absolutely has stolen my heart. 

Now that I'm sold on what I want to do for the front and for the back of the house, all that is left is the rest of the house... that should be easy, right? ;) I'm actually getting so excited to start drawing up the plans and of course, I'll be sharing it all of this with you all as soon as actual decisions start getting made. Until then, I'll be pinning away! Xx

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