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The Hanging Rattan Chair

Since I've already confessed last week that I used to be quite the prepster, I figure I will just keep the secrets coming and let you in on another. I am terrified of snakes. I get that most people don't love the creepy reptiles but I have a legitimate phobia and it's one that I actually went to therapy over about a year before Liam was born. I was as surprised as you are to know that there is actually such a thing.

The backstory is that growing up I lived in a building with my mom and across the hall there was what I refer to as "the snake lady." She had multiple snakes in her apartment that did NOT live in cages. Big snakes. Let that sink in. As a child my mom would volunteer to help feed them when she was out of town and let's just say I was scarred for life.

I didn't really give much thought to my fear after we moved away, but after a few run-ins with multiple snakes at my in-laws one weekend (don't ask) I figured it was time to do something about my phobia. It's wasn't that I would just freak out when I saw them, it was that I would think I'd see them everywhere. Even in downtown Boston. I ended up doing a 16 week desensitization therapy which basically involved me looking at pictures of snakes until I didn't really mind them. That was about 10 years ago and while I still don't love them, when I do come in contact with one I can usually recover quickly. 

I know what you are thinking... Costa Rica is probably not the best place to build a home if you are afraid of snakes. And you are right! It's something that I think about often and one of the main reasons why we are building on the top of a steep hill. I do realize that snakes can slither up but I prefer to pretend they can only go down. ;) From a design perspective most things are going to be OFF the floor, and specifically for that reason. I'm going to do floating vanities in all the bathrooms, and try not to have any heavy furniture on the ground. I need to be able to see under every surface just so I know what may be lurking. It's not like I'm overly worried about them coming into our home, but I do want to be able to "make sure." Every. Single. Day.

Yesterday, I met with a local project manager and he said most of my furnishings will either be constructed by our builder or will be things we import from the US shipped in a canister. This is actually welcome news since it means that we can pretty much get whatever we want, and since the furnishings will be minimal it's not going to cost a crazy amount. In the living room I really want this daybed, so we will have a sofa / extra bed and given my desire to keep things off the floor I want to add a few hanging chairs. Specifically I'm thinking two of these Serena and Lily rattan chairs. Not only will they be super fun for the kids (and serpent free) but I absolutely love the 60's vibe they bring into a space and I can't think of a better place for them than a tropical beach house.

Here are some great interiors that feature the hanging rattan chair. As you can see it's not just for a beach house and I love the idea of using these in a kid's room or master bedroom. It's a great piece when you want to keep things off the floor, or like in our case keep things from the floor off your chair. ;) xx

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